Zainab Murder An Intolerant Crime To Be Punished Immediately

Zainab Murder an intolerant Crime To Be Punished Immediately

Riots flare-up in Kasur as populaces restless contrary to professed police delay over the rape and murder of a Zainab, who was an occupant of the city, on Wednesday. In addition, post-mortem of Zainab murder, report makes it clear; that 7-year-old child was raped earlier being murdered, police officials told. The vicious murder of the girl, earlier 11 such cases have occurred in a two-kilometre range of city from last year, kindled a fountain of anger among the city’s residents.

Zainab Murder, An Intolerant Crime

Zainab, 7, had moved out on the way to a religious tuition centre close to her house in the Road Kot area last Thursday at 4th of Jan; from where she is suppose to have been making off with. Her parents were in Saudi Arabia to do Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage), on the word of her family; whereas, she was living with one of her maternal aunts.

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In a while she kidnaps, her freak out family received footage that shows; Zainab walking with an unfamiliar person close to Peerowala Road. A police constable relinquished to trace the body of a girl from a heap of trash laid close to the Shahbaz Khan Road, on Tuesday. Police stated that the girl looks as if killed four or five days former.

Zainab Murder an intolerant Crime

Gunshot injuries killed two people as furious protesters prepared thru sticks and stones; struggled to storm the deputy commissioner’s office as well as conflict with police. No less than two others continued bullet wounds. Further, the Punjab government alleged six personnel; comprising four policemen and a couple of civil defense personnel; who ostensibly opened fire on the protesters, arrested. In like manner, the little girl was placed to rest in a graveyard, after her parents reached to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia, in the evening. Zainab murder doesn’t to be a negligible incident, a little girl of 7 slaughtered by some wicked peoples.

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