Why Working For a Professional Dating Agency is the Best Job in the World

I have worked for professional dating or introduction agencies for over thirty years and I can’t imagine ever wanting to do anything else. All the happy clients, the fun we have in the office, even the problems, I wouldn’t miss them for the world. It really is a job like no other.

So – what is so fantastic about working for a dating agency? I think all my team would agree that it’s mainly the laughs we have in the office and the fact that the clients are so interesting and diverse.

From the moment someone makes their first approach to our agency to ask about our service, a relationship begins between the client and us. Of course not everyone who calls us is suitable to join. Sometimes we just know that we would not be able to match them with any of our clients but most people are great – good fun, intelligent and interesting.

So – what is a typical day in the office?

After a few minutes chat about our personal lives and a cup of coffee for everyone, we start work at 9.15am – and some of us are still working 12 hours later, seven days a week.

The phones are ringing, voice mail messages have to be listened to and e-mails are flying in. Three people are visiting the offices, two to be interviewed and one to bring in her identification and to have her photograph taken. It is going to be another busy day!

Richard has called to let us know that he and Sarah have been seeing each other for two months and he wants to freeze his membership to see how things go. Anne wants us to know that John is better looking in the flesh than on his photo. Grace says that Robert is charming but not the man for her – she would like another introduction. Sally calls to say she and Philip are no longer an item. She doesn’t want to meet anyone else for a while until she gets over her disappointment and Anita wants to know why we haven’t sent her a match this month. Ben and Anna have just had a baby.

Felicity calls us from London. Her friend who lives near Manchester met her partner through us so can we do the same for her? Peter, 64, a widower from Cambridge says he wants to meet a widow if possible, someone feminine and attractive. Mia, a gorgeous girl from Surrey wants to get married and start a family with a lovely man. If these potential clients do become members we can’t guarantee that they will meet their perfect partner but we know we will do everything we can to try to make it happen for them.

My job revolves around explaining to people the process how we would go about finding them someone compatible. The most difficult part is explaining to everyone that joining an agency is not like going to a shop. Sadly, gorgeous men don’t grow on trees and beautiful women don’t hang around in bars but most of our clients are intelligent, professional people and they understand that.

I always say “If you are looking for lots of introductions, don’t join us”. We are an agency for people who are selective about the people they meet – we believe in quality over quantity and for that reason most people do like the people we introduce them to… of course they don’t all slope off into the sunset – but they often stay friends at the very least.

Carol, one of my team is laughing – one of our clients has had her in stitches, not an uncommon occurrence.

So, if you want to know what is the best job in the world, I would say it would be working for a successful, professional introduction agency – it is a job like no other!

Source by Polly Draper

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