WhatsApp Touched New Heights With 1 Billion Daily Users

WhatsApp Messenger

The most popular messaging service WhatsApp has now touched new heights. The users of WhatsApp Messenger up to this time reaches a unique rate it’s approached 1 billion of daily active users. In the foreground, regarding last year count, the WhatsApp monthly active users were 1 billion which is now increased to 1.3 billion users. In like manner, the latest figuring out is open up by WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. He presents these stats in his blog post, saying

‘Such as we celebrate the milestone. With attention to, we have dedicated over and above ever to giving you more valuable sorts to enjoy the services. Despite the fact that delivering the simplicity, reliability, and security which you expect with WhatsApp Messenger.’

WhatsApp Touched New Heights

WhatsApp Messenger

On a daily basis, 1 billion people use WhatsApp Messenger throughout the world. It reaches in every 7 to 8 people. However, there is no any other messaging app which got this scale of users. While comparing it with SnapChat, it has less active users on a daily basis. Snapchat has 166 million active users. Facebook buying WhatsApp messenger for $19 billion has worked out in their favor in the end.

We have to look into the past when WhatsApp Messenger make a start with a simple instant messaging app. The app, in a start, has just messaging facility. It was less than any other messaging app. It was at that time raised up on Facebook and pass on to get an entire lot of innovative features over time. In addition to, audio/video calling, end-to-end encryption, and GIF support and some others.

1 Billion Users Of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp 1 billion users daily 1

Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg declared that WhatsApp Messenger in addition to Facebook is at present working to monetize a couple of services, WhatsApp and Messenger. In the final analysis, it could mean irritating ads into an ad-free facility like WhatsApp. For this reason, it will severely affect WhatsApp which was an ad free app till now. The most compelling fact that the one main reason for its popularity will skip in very near future.

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