Walking Through Paltinis

We must start this article by saying that Paltinis is the first mountainside city from the Carpatians, opened in 1894, but also the highest situated upland – 1442m high. Impressive, right?

It is also interesting to know that the architecture of the first cabins built in this area was inspired by the one of the alpine cabins from Tirol, Austria. It is amazing to see how such a beautiful place by its nature, can annually attract thousands of foreign tourists, delighted by the possibility of hiking in Paltinis.

No matter the season, Paltinis is always showing mountain lovers a great time through lots of different activities. Only 32 km away from Sibiu, the cultural capital of Romania, Paltinis is skulked in the heart of the mountains. Cindrel is surrounded by cool thickets, spectacular crests and wide fields.

Paltinis is the ideal destination for those who love hiking, because it offers numberless routes and activities. You can take a walk up to the Batrana peak, through which you will be delighted and captivated by the gorgeous view that is unleashing in front of your eyes.

This way you will also recharge your batteries with some fresh and chill air. One tiny tip: Don’t miss the fold nearby for it can get you the most rustic and authentic experience!

The hike can go on till on the Cindrel peak, place where you can find lots of tasty forest fruits, flowery grasslands and glacial lakes. The adventure is complex, since you get the chance to visit the Glass Images Museum and to cross the Fantanele village where you can discover the ruins of the faimos Fantanele cabin.

You can take a well-deserved break at the shepherd’s Lica fold where you can taste some delicious telemea cheese, prepared with love and excellence with fresh sheep milk.

The Cindrel massif is hiding wonders that can be observed only by getting closer. From a distance, you couldn’t have observed the tiny traditional costumes craft shop which the local people still wear at the big events.

There you can shop for some authentic gifts for the loved ones waiting for you back home. Also, you wouldn’t have the chance to taste the delicious cheese cocolos baked on ambers by the shepherd Nea Gheorghe, who spends all of his days at Valare.

Only by lingering through the Cindrel massifs mountains you can take a break at the Iezeru Mare lake, a lake that has sprung as the legend says, from the tears of a very beautiful shepherd’s daughter.

A special route for lovers can be the road to Magura Cisnadiei, a place with a beautiful view over the Sibiu creep. On the Sf. Mihail hill stays the Cisnadioara borough, which is some centuries old and is known as being a meeting place for the lovers who confessed their love amid its walls.

At the end of the day, you can dine with your friends and family at one of the accommodation centers in Paltinis. A camp fire, a hot tea or a cold beer – the perfect ingredients for a lovely holiday!

Call your hiking buddies or partner, pack your backpack, do a quick research typing the words “accommodation in Paltinis” and press start for a heavenly holiday!

Source by Alex Constantin Mihai

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