Upcoming Movie Will Give A Love Chance – Huma Qureshi

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The upcoming project of Huma Qureshi will be about accurate life recreation of British rule of last months in India. The film based on a story about the Partition of the subcontinent. It is a story of 56 years old filmmaker, along with her husband who is her co-writer. Paul Mayeda Berges used up five years in the research and has an impressive grip on the subject. Huma who spent three months in preparation for her role in the movie.

She informs that Gurinder was very specific about the subject. She wanted that so she met Jaya Thadani, who is an interpreter from the time. In London who had many fascinating anecdotes to share with her about Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Huma Qureshi and Her Family Background

The actress has a family member who relocated to Pakistan and recently reconnected with her dear parents, Saleem and Ameena Qureshi. According to Huma, “My grandfather has a valuable house in Delhi. I told that during the Hind partition, there were many people, who did not have any place to stay. This film also talks about to giving love a chance at the time when religion and hatred divided the people.” Huma enjoyed working with English actors like Michael Gambon and Hugh Bonneville. She also enjoys acting with American-British actress Gillian Anderson.

Huma Qureshi further stated that “It was a khichdi of artists which is colorful and flavorful from different countries. We’d have to complain about heat during the day and go to dinners after pack up. I would bring them cheese, chips, and olives like the Santa and cheer them up.” Huma Qureshi has another project release coming up near. The Bollywood sequel of Subhash Kapoor’s ‘Jolly LLB’, in which she plays a role of Akshay Kumar’s wife, Pushpa.

Huma Qureshi in Oculus

She had also finished shooting for the Hindi remake movie of the original Hollywood horror film ‘Oculus’. Her Brother Saqib Saleem is also with her, and she admits that the siblings to fight and disagree on everything. “It is important to have discussions to maintain a stable and healthy relationship. Saqib and I are much more like friends.” Huma said. Bringing up the name of Sohail Khan with whom she associated in her recent past. And Huma Qureshi gives her reply to a question, “I cannot date my brother.”

huma qureshi with her brother

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