Top 10 Handbag Brands In UK

top 10 handbag brands in uk

For holding coins, a small bag is used which termed as a purse. A handbag is a broader accessory that contains objects beyond money, such as items of personal. In 1900, the term introduced for hand holding the bag as a handbag and initially it was commonly used for men’s luggage. But with the passage of time it also termed with women because of their different accessories. Handbags have much importance for the elegance of visual accessories for women and their various functions. In this article, we are going to discuss top 10 handbag brands in UK.

List of Top 10 Handbag Brands in UK

After the increase in traveling by railway and industrial revolution in England, the modern purse was introduced named with pouch, handbag or clutch. There is much variety in bags like shoulder bags, totes, cross body bags, barrel, Bucket bags and many other. Women are very conscious about their bags selection in color, style, and designs and they usually purchase new bags for different functions. The preference of women from all over the world is always towards top handbag brands to look unique and gorgeous from others. In the lines below we are just discussing the top 10 handbag brands in UK.

 Top 10 Handbag Brands in UK

1: Ally Capellino

Ally Capellino the exclusive brand of England in bags create bags with fabulous designs and quality material. They have different types of shoulder bags, crossbody bags, clutches, travel bags, work bags, satchels, bike bags, tote bags in various colors and designs. They made leather as well as non-leather bags, to give an elegant look to their bags.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

2: Bobelle London

Bobelle London is a famous company in London which used to manufacture handbags of superior quality. The bag variety of Bobelle is exclusive, which are made of leather, and handmade accessories. Bobelle’s lovely stuff of handbags stands on the second number on the list of top 10 handbags in UK.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

3: Burberry

Burberry is a most famous company brand of handbags. Burberry used to produce bags, dresses, scarves, shoes, accessories, etc., for both men and women. Their handbags variety for females is magnificent from others. The material from which they made bags is Exotics, Nylon, Leather, velvet, etc. Burberry has different variety of bags like the tote, cross-body bags, clutches, and bowling bags.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

4: The Cambridge Satchel Company

The Cambridge Satchel Company is the famous brand of United Kingdom, Which made bags in various designs, colors, qualities and genres like cross body bags, shoulder bags, clutches, tote bags, etc. They also have different collections like Poppy bags, Tassel Bags, Saddlebags, cloud bags, etc.  Their styles are different and unique which attracts people. The Cambridge Satchel is at number four on the list of top 10 handbag brands in UK.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

5: Charlotte Olympia

The famous brand of UK ‘Charlotte Olympia’ is manufacturing Shoes and Handbags of various types for women. Their bags are available in variations of colors and styles which attract girls badly.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

6: Daks

Daks is a famous brand of England, and their products include handbags, shirts, trousers, coats, and all other wears for men and women.  Their bags get much fame because of their quality material and attractive designs. On number 6 in the above list of top 10 handbag brands in UK, Daks is present.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

7: Fleet Ilya

Fleet Ilya is a brand among top UK brands, and they produce different products like bags, chokers, collars, cuffs, head wear, and Harnesses. They make handbags with quality and different designs due to which they are famous in the United Kingdom. Fleet Ilya’s products are too much expensive but are known by their top class standard.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

8: Golden Lane

Golden Lane is also a popular brand present in the United Kingdom which made bags having superior quality with 100% leather. These bags are excellent in design and superb in quality. Their bags have different variety and designs like clutches, cross body bags, etc. On the above list of top 10 handbag brands in UK, Golden Lane is at number eight.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

9: Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a well-known brand of bags also from the UK. Their bags are much expensive, having extraordinary variety and designs. They manufacture bags on a large scale and have many different styles. Different genres in bags like a shoulder bag, totes, mini bags, evening bags, clutches, etc. every bag have its various and fantastic look. Jimmy Choo stands on the ninth number at the list of top 10 handbag brands in UK.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

10: Kate Sheridan

Kate Sheridan is a well-known brand for its high-quality items, most prominent of them is handbags. They produce shoulder bags, clutches, totes, wallets and purses with a beautiful and gorgeous look. Their bags are in reach of elite class as well as within reach of ordinary people. The fine leather used to manufacture bags and other products of Kate Sheridan.

top 10 handbag brands in uk

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