The Barossa Valley Events And Activities

Barossa Valley is only a brief drive towards the north of Adelaide. Here, you can witness the beautiful vineyards that produce the fine wines Australians love. For that reason, Barossa Valley is one the most popular wine regions Australia wide.

If a festival is in town, you should go and experience how the place celebrates. This includes the German Oompah fest which happens in January while the Barossa Under the Stars will be in February. Barossa Vintage Festival holds numerous fun filled activities at Easter, every odd year. Musical festival is also present, like Barossa Music festival is on October. For more of this, read on.


This Festival is the oldest and the most popular festival of wine all over Australia. The celebration provides something for all – foods, wines, arts and music, crafts and all the way to musical and history. The festival does not leave their participants not entertained, displeased and uninspired.

The festival lasts for nine days and happens only twice in a hundred years, focusing on each and every town of Barossa. The festival is supported by business establishments, private groups, churches and the residents to plan more than 100 activities that make up the festivities.


Tanunda’s Para Road will transform into one of the best little events in Barossa. Exquisite wines, delicious foods, hip music – 3 things that people who are attending the event will enjoy. The festival showcases the products of Langmeil, Lehmann, Grove and Lambert wineries together with great gourmet food and easy music. Wineries are in proximity with each other but still, it provides free bus for those who don’t want to walk.


Lyndoch Uncorked is another festival you might want to experience. This happens during Easter Monday every year. The combination of the best wines, fantastic foods and the best music, made this event great.

There will be a bountiful supply of gourmet foods which is eaten together with exquisite wines. These foods which will be served are made in the best restaurants that surround the area. If you are on the place at that time, you should check out Lyndoch uncorked.


Australia’s Big Day out, A Day on The Green comes back for a blast this year with events that will surely excite you.

The event lasts for 5 months running in various wineries around Australia. The festival provides a different twist compared to other music festival, here you can indulge in mouth watering food and the best wines, while listening to the best music.

Additionally, locations of each event make the festival more unique that gives participants with an event that they will surely cherish.


This eventis a hillclimb for old cars that is held at Collingrove Hillclimb spot. Vehicles that participate include South Australian owned, historic MG racing cars. Vintage car enthusiasts will surely love this event.

The common things about all of these festivals are the foods, the best wines, great music and a great Barossa Valley accommodation. There are still numerous events and activities that Barossa Valley celebrates. You just need to be quick on searching it so that you will not be left behind.

For a best place to retire after all the wines and foods, spend the night in great Barossa Valley accommodation. More information and details are all available in the web. Check out the best holiday deals, attractions and tourist destination for a great Barossa Valley experience.

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