The 5 Biggest Cardinal Sins to Commit in Meetings – Ever

Business meetings in a corporate environment are quite a different experience than many people would expect them to be as they are formal but depending on the situation can be quite good fun. Like any social or professional meeting between too people or two companies there are unwritten rules to come across well and there are some things that a person will want to avoid at all costs so that they do not unintentionally offend the other person.

The reason this is so important is because a person could be trying to sell to the other person and sales is one of those areas that a person needs to be extremely professional and come across exceptionally to make the sale. Also in a business environment appearance and mannerisms can mean a lot and can be the difference between getting and not getting the sale, the job promotion or whatever else the meeting may be about.

Many of these ‘cardinal sins’ are taught to people by making the mistakes first hand and then learning from them however more people are speaking to business consultants to give them a head start on how to act in meetings so that they do not come across poorly and do not make the mistakes outlined below.

  1. The most frowned upon sin to commit in a meeting especially a first meeting is to be late or even worse not show up at all. Sometimes however no matter how good ones intentions are they cannot avoid being late for a number of reasons. In this instance a person needs to make sure that they have a mobile phone and the relevant contact numbers to call ahead as soon as they know they will be able to advise them of the situation. Now they may not be thrilled but at least they know that you are considerate and appreciate the time they are giving you.
  2. The next area is basic mannerisms such as a good handshake, polite talk mixing from social to business to keep the meeting on a relaxed foot if possible, no swearing and please and thank you’s used when needed. Nothing comes across worse than bad manners and rude language.
  3. For most business meetings a good smart suit and tie is what is needed to come across well and give the impression of a professional person. So a person needs to make sure they do not dress scruffy or in a manner that appears like they are not taking the meeting seriously.
  4. Depending on what the meeting is about it is a good idea to have the content of the meeting written out so that a person knows what they are going to be talking about and so that they can get to the point straight away. It comes across very poorly if a person is blatantly unprepared for a meeting.
  5. It is always a good idea to be polite as much as possible and not to be rude, impolite or defensive as this can turn a meeting very sour. This is a true test of a person’s people skills and their ability to handle adversity effectively.

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