How & Why Technology Influence Our Identity?

technology influence our identity

Every person has its different identity, and on its basis, he or she is recognized in the world. However, it has been done by technologies the influences our identities poorly, even we have been forgotten our true selves. We have changed ourselves, and don’t want to get the real identity. The self-identity includes the collectivity of knowledge and belief that we get to us as we develop including our personalities, propensities, and skills, mental as well as physical attributes, interests, and relations. What are causes and consequences of technologies influences our identity? And How technology influence our identity?
We gain our identities in different ways, as follows

• We grow self-awareness

• Observe

• Evaluate

Our thoughts, feelings, and behavior that are built on experience, present-day requirements, and future objectives. Furthermore, we take a look at the world that is outward such as

  1. Our Social Life
  2. Academic Life
  3. Physical Life

On behalf of reaction that correspondingly forms our self-identities. For the reason that we are basically social creatures and an essential part of our development take in the discovery of our place in the social and cultural background in which we live; reaction on or after that social world plays a noteworthy role in the development of our identities.

For the reason that our social worlds have extended intensely in the last decade; as of families, neighborhoods, friends, and schools to a just about boundless universe of people; attributable to the circulation of the Internet in addition to social media. Moreover, it isn’t hard to find that how outside powers possibly will be gaining an inconsistent impact over our self-identities associated to preceding generations. Besides these social influences, speeded up by the recent flare-up of technology, probably will be shaping our self-identities inhabits in which most of us aren’t the least bit aware.

How does technology influence our identity

The one most powerful way in which technology influence our identity is via a shift from being internal to run externally. Social factors every time leaves a profound influence on the formation of identity. However, they were up to latterly, partners of kinds with our internal donors to self-identity. Nonetheless, at the present, the absolute ubiquity and power of the latest technological improvements have got the effect, and turn around its size up to a roaring thunder.

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In like manner, if we look back on the past generations, there was also a social influence on our identities but was a positive one. Since, the schools, peers, parents, communities, extracurricular activities and some other healthy sources influence our identity. Even though, that time media guided in healthy messages about;

Who were we? How we ought to recognize ourselves? Yes, there were bad influences. However, they were far overshadowed by persons that were beneficial. These forces performed habitually as a mirror catching back on us whichever we noticed in us; rising in confirmation rather than a change in our self-identities. And it is technologies influence our identities.

On the other hand, at present, the pendulum has rocked to the additional exciting in a social world wherever the value basis rules and strong attractions are mostly drowned out by the cacophony of the up-to-date technology. Furthermore, the self-identities of this age group of young people and, in actual fact; any person who is intensely wrapped up in widespread culture and media; are at present formed by outward powers in two means.


A Couple of Ways In Which Technology Influence our Identity

First, widespread culture, over both “old-school” plus the latest media, no longer clasps a mirror to reveal our identities. Nor does it bring reaction about how deal with our self-identities is the certainty of our lives. As an alternative, common culture produces “portraits” of what it requires us to signify. Penetrating toward our greatest primary requirements to feel great regarding themselves, allowed, and attractive; popular culture informs us whichever we should understand concerning ourselves. Besides, the dilemma is that the self-identity that is molded by modern practice follows its genuine concerns rather than whatever is beneficial for us. Additionally, identity is no more extended self-identity, indicating obtained of oneself. However, an identification protruded upon us by modern culture and in no system an authentic representation of who we are.

How technologies influence our identities 2

Another on in technology influence our identity is; social media has made us move aside of showing our self-identities and toward constructing porticos based on the reactions to these inquiries,
“How will others look at me?”
“How can I make sure that others view me certainly?”

Technology influence our identity to made up a new person

A lot of people at social media make it a goal that how can they promote their selves more and more, and get fame, an up to date status; besides, via extension, self-esteem over and done with their profiles in addition to postings. Self-awareness and self-expression deliver an approach to form management as well as self-promotion. On the social media people usually like to be the person whom they idealize but not the one that they are in origin. Actually, an inner feeling of contentment comes on when people consider them what they want to show. People then feel enforced to promote and market these identities by social media. The line in the middle of person and persona; the private and public self-turn out to be blurred or removed entirely. As a result, the false identity comes on to the acceptance of ourselves.


In contradiction, go-getting for endorsement through our social flora and fauna writ great from side to side technology; and in seeking uniqueness that enables us to stand out in the densely populated cyber world; we unsuspectingly lose our true identities and technology influence our identity to conform to what the digital life requires from us. Whereas, a couple of sad results we observe that

1. Most of the people don’t understand even what is changing in themselves. Consequently, it happens slowly and people usually doing it in unawareness.

2. These random technology influence our identities are harmful and are damaging us from our inner selves. As a result, our true identity is going to lose.

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