Suzuki 2017 VanVan 200 Specs

VanVan 200

Suzuki is introducing the best model of 2017 the VanVan 200, with its classic & fresh look. The wide and spacious seat extends the opportunity of room for plus one. It’s quite comfortable for the maximum ones as well as its quick push button to start its compact electronic fuel engine (EFI) quickly. The oversized tires which take no time to rolls fast. It has its electric starting.

The VanVan 200 built for its excellent response with its 199cc, one cylinder, four strokes, and air cooled engine. Transmission gears ratios are carefully selected to provide slightly smooth acceleration with each gear. To stabilise the engine’s performance there inserted the air cooled, oil cooler. Its seat has a double comforting system for both the rider and the passenger because of its low seat height which is wide plush and pleated.

VanVan 200

Suzuki Vanvan 200 2017

The design of VanVan 200 is classic whether by head light or by the rear tail, stops light. Its speedometer is easy to read with its white numbers having the black face of it, the glowing numbers. It has a manual clutch which feeds five-speed transmissions. Its advanced system of compact EFI features an integrated fuel pump assembly for precise fuel delivery which results in outstanding performance and economy. It has an automatic idle speed control (ISC) means to start up easily having no choke yet the idle speed is right always in each and every condition.

Also it features catalyzer equipped exhaust system which helps to control emissions while a pleasant exhaust note produces by a bullet shaped muffler. It has great steel diamond style frame, for low slung fun. The front balloon wheel is ample 18 inches 130/80 with an aluminium rim wheel. Furthermore the extra wide 14 inch 180/80 rear balloon tire. Its Fuel tank capacity is 6.5 L (1.7 US gal). It colourized in Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray and Metallic Triton Blue. Its overall length is 2140 mm (84.3 in), and overall width is 865 mm (34.1 in). Its kerb weight is 128.0 kg (282.2 lbs.).

The 12-month limited warranty which Lengthens the protection time and adds benefits through Suzuki Extended Protection (SEP).

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