PEMRA Bans Nickelodeon’s Cartoon on Problematic Content

PEMRA Bans Nickelodeon’s Cartoon

On 27th of April 2017, PEMRA Bans Nickelodeon’s Cartoon broadcast a cartoon series based on the famous folk tale ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’. The cartoon series contains a problematic material in it. On the word of PEMRA, they have received a lot of complaints from parents; as a result of which the quick action was taken in contradiction of the cartoon. The content which cartoon series contains has a lot of things to make situation critical. Parents were knocked for six at the problematical content that broadcast in the show of famous cartoon TV channel Nickelodeon. As well as the parents criticised, reported and protested to the electronic media supervisory body. Subsequently, an action was taken after an investigation.

PEMRA Bans Nickelodeon’s Cartoon

PEMRA declared on Twitter “The cartoon series ofPEMRA Bans Nickelodeon’s Cartoon channel, entitled as ‘The Emperor’s” is packed with problematical, inappropriate and unethical dressed characters. For this reason, PEMRA has ordered, and it is required for the channel to come in front with answers till 5th of May.”

PEMRA as well specified that watching of such content is in contradiction of the religion and the ethical code. What is more, it can have a devastating and disturbing effect on younger minds in the longer run. However, it is not the, to begin with, an instance of its kind. Most recent time PEMRA were confronted with such a state of affairs, that the problematic cartoon show was banned on behalf of a whole year. There are also some other series also broadcasting with such type of content which needs the attention of PEMRA also.


The channel has questioned to respond to PEMRA instantly and may need to abide by to one of the following drawbacks:

In keeping with Section 29, submit a penalty of Rs. 1 million

In keeping with Section 30, landing right issues will be put off or cancelled

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