Mrs Panchali Gupta Interview by Rubab Sahar

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta interview

Panchali Gupta is in Dubai for a couple of days, and she just won Mrs. India Homemaker and going to MS United Nations in July, she is also an actress and model. Mrs India homemakers 2018 an event dedicated to all the beautiful married woman. Participants were from all over India including Dubai and Singapore. The event organized by MS. Aizya Naaz Joshi and took place in the kingdom of dreams in Delhi. The contestant walked the ramp in the national costume in the first round followed by cocktail dress, and gown. Girls trained in various aspects like catwalk by Mrs. Swareena Singh and personal styling by Mrs. Seitu Kumar Aneja.

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta interview

People from different fields of life judged this event. Like by advocate Siddharth Joshi, trans queen India director Reena Rai, Mrs majestic queen of Asia Mrs. Neha Agrawal Joshi, Ms. Majestic queen of Asia Mrs. Amrita Dutta, director of Pragati school of aviation Mr. Alok Sarkar.

Panchali Gupta babber won the title of Mrs. India homemakers (classic) 2018 she also won the subtitle of mrs talented. She is going to represent India in the MS United Nations in July 2018 in Jamaica.

MMT (Mirch Masala TV)
P Gupta (Panchali Gupta)

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT:  Tell us about you Panchali, your profession?

P Gupta: I am originally from Guwahati (Assam) graduate, the former national level gymnast. I started modeling at the age of 14. Moreover, I am former Miss Guwahati, Miss Assam, Miss Northeast and Gladrags Mega-model winner. On the other hand, I did a couple of Assamese and Hindi movies. Fashion, Jai Veeru, Sakalaka Boom Boom, Sivaji the boss and an English movie Rocking Meera. I have walked the ramp for most of the top designers in India. Now, I am married since four years to Vijay Babber and freelance as a fashion stylist.

MMT: What about your education. Have you got any training sessions on modeling and acting?

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P Gupta: I am a graduate. No, I don’t have any formal training in modeling or acting I learned by watching videos, etc.

MMT: What attracted you to begin a career as a model and an actor? Do you think it is the ideal profession for you? Panchali what is your real strength?

P Gupta: I was always thrilled with the glamour industry so much so that my first contest was Miss Guwahati at the age of 14. After I won Miss Guwahati, I was offered my first Assamese feature film as a lead role, and that’s how I started my career. It was definitely the ideal profession for me as I loved what I did. Whereas, my real strength is my perseverance and my willingness to push myself.

MMT: Panchali give us a brief introduction of homemaker? Is it a job of anybody or you have to specialized for choosing this profession?

P Gupta: Homemaker according to me is someone who makes a house a home for her family. She could be a stay at home or a working woman who can effortlessly multitask. It is not a job that pays but I feel its round the clock job which most homemakers do willingly and happily.

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta interview

MMT: Mrs. Panchali Gupta, recently you have won Mrs. India Home Maker, can you please share your struggles and hard work to achieve this title?

P Gupta: When you join any pageant or competition, you spend months preparing for it. I also worked out regularly with my trainer because there was a beautiful body sub-contest. I also had to prepare for the talent-round with the help of my dance choreographer. Therefore, I had to rehearse it every alternate day for a couple of weeks. I kept myself abreast of the current affairs.

MMT: Now, you are going to represent India in MS United Nations which is going to held in July; we want to know all about it.

P Gupta: Yes, and I am super excited to represent India. Its taking place in Jamaica in July 2018. Preparation for my international pageant will start shortly in a few weeks.

MMT: As a professional homemaker, you may have to face different stressful situations; I want to ask that how you overcome that case?

P Gupta: In any walk and aspect of life, there will be a situation which may be stressful as I mentioned my perseverance is my strength that gets me through life’s many challenges.

MMT: Different people have different views about success, according to you what is a real success?

P Gupta: Real success for me is which gives me a sense of achievement which makes me feel all my handwork has recognized.

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MMT: What are your future plans? Will you restrict you to anyone profession in the future from modeling, acting or house making or you any other strategies?

P Gupta: Right now my focus is to win the international pageant. Whereas, I haven’t planned any strategies will take each day as it comes.

MMT: Do you want to give any message for newcomers wishes to select this profession?

P Gupta: I would like to tell them nothing can replace your hard work and there’s a lot of hard work which goes into a pageant. You have to humble and focused to achieve your goals.

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta interview

Mrs. India Homemaker Panchali Gupta interview

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