Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

most expensive nail polish
Nail Polish is a colorful liquid used to decorate nail plates, these white nail plates when polished with various colors they look delightful. The History of Nail Polish is too old, in China, it was first formulated in 3000 BC. Usually, it can use to apply it on fingernails and toenails. The use of nail make the hands of women impressive with its attractive colors. Girls are so conscious about their appearance, and their nail enhances or crushes their personality. If the nails give a gorgeous look, their appearance will grow, but the old look of the nails always destroy their whole appearance. You can read the article about most expensive nail polish in the world in the below lines.
most expensive nail polish
The composition of nail polish consists of egg whites, vegetable dyes, gelatin, gum Arabic and bee-wax. There are various types of nail-polish like Base Coat, Gel, Matte, Top coat, Shellac, etc. And its finishing is also present in different forms, like crème, glitter, Frost, Lustre, Micro Glitter, Magnetic, Jelly, etc.
There are countless brands of Nail Polish are available in the market, like Bobby Brown, RGB, NARS, L’Oreal Paris, Revlon, etc.,  each has its unique variety, color, and finishing. Women usually need to get nail polish which gives their nail plates an astounding look. With the passage of time, an increased number of colors and forms of Nail Polish introduce. For the cause of uniqueness, girls spend money as much as they can, to get a new and splendid nail polishes.
Which is the most expensive brand of Nail Polish in the world?

AZATURE’s Black Diamond

Most Expensive Nail Polish Price

AZATURE’s Black Diamond is most Expensive Nail Polish in the world. This Nail Polish contains 267 karats of black diamond. Its creator said that he thinks to use this jewel to decorate nails so for this reason he made ‘Black Diamond.’ Black Diamond is matchless Nail Polish, and you can’t get another nail polish resembling it. The real price of this small bottle is $250,000 due to which it is not in the range of everyone. Only a very few people can afford to buy it as it is an expensive thing to apply it on nail plates. So after knowing the price, the World’s most expensive nail polish is AZATURE’s Black Diamond.

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