Milano Dealers’ Meet Event At Dubai


The building material company of Dubai Named as Milano organised its annual dealers meet In Dubai. Up to 400 retailers take part in the event from all over the United Arab Emirates. This event was held mainly to display the newly launched products under the label of Milano. The latest launches contain new variations into sanitary, hardware and electrical fitting. It also introduces a new range of water purifiers and DIY tiles. In like manner, the whole information in addition to benefits of the new products is illustrated in front of the dealers. As a result, the interest generated and order booking started.

Milano The Brand

The managing director of Danube group, Anis Sajan, expressed pleasure at the great response by dealers; said ‘I am tremendously pleased with the turnout and reaction we get from our dealers. In order to improve our work, we arrange the event on a yearly basis. We gather our retailers plus distributors in order to know how well or bad we are doing. Actually, this dealers’ meet event is the way to keep our business aligned.’

Milano Dealers’ Meet Event At Dubai

The brand Milano announced winners of their new dealer incentive scheme. On the other hand, Milano also declared in the last six months into the increment of 30% in the sales. Subsequently, It was attributed to new products and a growing retailer base. By way of the intensification in its portfolio, Milano policies to tap poles apart verticals of the hardware market; in the years to come and expects an increase in its market share. An award ceremony is organized just after the dealers’ meet event. The award was handed over to all of the retailers who accomplished sales targets successfully. The event was full of colors and attained by a large number of people. There is formed a display of water purifiers and many other things.

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Milano Dealers' Meet Event At Dubai | 30% Increment In Six months

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