How To Make Nose Slimmer With Makeup

How to make nose slimmer with makeup

Want to make nose slimmer with makeup? Here are useful tips ready for you. It’s so simple to make nose slimmer using makeup. To make the slimmer look of the nose is a problem for those who have a wide nose. Some easy methods are present here to make its look slimmer and beautiful. As the slim nose looks beautiful on the face, so you can achieve the required look using some daily things.

How To Make Nose Slimmer With Makeup

1. First of all, you have to apply foundation as you apply on a regular basis. Include your nose into the area on which you are going to apply foundation. To make your look natural blend it well on screen as it becomes balanced completely.

2. Afterwards, apply highlighting concealer on the bridge or centre of nose line. Start using it from eye level and take it to the last edge, however, stop before one-inch remaining space. Use a finger or smaller brush to mix it with skin well.

3. Apply the darker contouring pencil draw lines on down side than the first start from the inner corner for every corner. Provide a perfect shade to the end of the nose. Put the darker lines in the centre of the nose. It will make your nose as thinner as you want. So apply it as you want to provide the look of your nose.

How to make nose slimmer with makeup

4. If you have extensive nostrils, apply a bit of the darker shade to your nostrils additionally.

5. Once you have made up all lines with a highlighter, foundation as well as darker contour, blend everything well, and you will get your desired results.

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