Great Sightseeing in Dubai

Dubai is a remarkable holiday destination and offers a variety of sightseeing opportunities. Dubai has Islamic traditions however Dubai also offer a way of life that is similar to other cosmopolitan cities around the world.

A great place to start of your Dubai sightseeing rounds is a visit to the famous Jumeirah Mosque. This Dubai Mosque is widely regarded as the premier example of modern Islamic architecture and the way it has integrated into society.

The Jumeirah Mosque is very recognizable due to its two remarkable minarets. The Jumeirah Mosque also has an exquisite dome which is extensively photographed by the many tourists that visit the famous Dubai Mosque each year.

The Sheikh Saeed’s House is another must on any Dubai sightseeing schedule. The Sheikh Saeed’s House is located near the shoreline of Dubai.

This Dubai landmark was constructed so that the Sheikh who rules this Emirate at the time would be able to have a better view of all shipping and trading that occurred in the area.

Sheikh Saeed’s House is a remarkable building which offers one of the finest examples of local Dubai architecture.

Bastakiya is one of the oldest quarters of Dubai. It is extremely interesting for tourists as Bastakiya offers tourists to experience and witness how Dubai was in past times. No modern shopping malls and large office buildings can be found in this region of Dubai which gives this section of Dubai a sense of authenticity.

The Al Fahidi Fort is located within the Bastakiya area of Dubai and this fort offers the largest selection of typical Dubai courtyard homes that have windtowers.

These special Dubai windtowers acted as a type of Air-Conditioning as the cold breeze went into the wind towers and the breeze was directed into the rooms of these Dubai houses.

The Dubai Museum is a great place to visit and should really be visited by every tourists visiting Dubai. The Dubai Museum is one of Dubai’s tallest buildings and is in fact located within the Al Fahidi Fort.

The Dubai Museum was originally built as a palace for the local rulers at the end of the 18th century. The beautifully designed building has since served many purposes as it has also serves as a jail and an army base.

Visitors can witness scenes from a variety of historic events as well as impressions of everyday life in Dubai which includes the Dubai Mosques, pearl diving and the variety of architectural styles which one can encounter in Dubai.

Source by James Bukovsky

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