5 Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017

Festivals are the reflection of any society or community, how those societies are social and moral with each other. Festivals may relate to the traditions, religions or in the memories of someone special. On such as festival day, people use to celebrate the holiday and may name them, Eid, Holi or mela. Some festivals are directly termed to the agriculture particularly in the time of harvesting in many societies. Similarly, there are a lot of examples of festivals that people use to celebrate for thanking their God. And these are the occasions when people of any community meet each other to communicate and enjoy. Whereas, few part of individuals also celebrate the political festivals to promote the vision and ideology of their sect. At present, people also use to celebrate events like ancient times. Here we are going to share five most incredible festivals around the world in 2017.

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017

Five most famous festivals around the world are:


The event is used to celebrate in New Orleans, Louisiana, the USA on 28th of Feb. It is the wildest party which make you surprised to be held in the USA. The festival is open up for every religion. There are some festive colors which represent faith, justice and power. So come! And pick up one of your choice gold, green or purple. Mardi Gras is a very famous festival among top five festivals around the world.

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017


The festival is used to celebrate in Pingxi, Taiwan, the Republic of China on every 10th of Feb. According to Pingxi elders, the Sky Lantern Festival take offs in the Xing Dynasty about thousands of years ago. There was a time when bands of criminals often attacked the lowland villages, and force residents to search for refuge in the mountains. As a result, Village watchmen take “fire balloons” as a signal to declare the residents about the safety of their houses once more. Just after to see the fire balloons the hiding people in the hills, they come to know that it is time to go home.

At present these lanterns have a couple of leading purposes.

  1. The hopes and dreams
  2. The end of the Chinese new year

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017


The colorful as well as enjoy full festival is used to celebrate in Dublin, Ireland & New York, USA. 17 March was the day when the festival held. The event has first taken place on 17th of March 1762. The festival is celebrated by coloring green. The whole city turns to be green. Furthermore, a significant number of people paint a green shamrock on their faces. Consequently, the Empire State Building is set alight in green. The Irish immigrants filled up the Irish pubs on this holiday to have fun. There were also some other nationalities present. The traditional soda bread has baked on this day. The bread made with raisins, baking powder, sugar, baking soda, flour, salt and margarine.

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017


The inspiring party held in Venice, Italy from 11 to 28th of Feb. The colorful event has a lot of things to capture your interest. In the festival days, people used to wear 18th-century costumes. A lot of fun within these days for everyone. Go and watch this colorful event which will surely fascinate you. CARNIVALE DI VENEZIA has also a prominent place among the popular festivals around the world in 2017.

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017


The location of the Snowbombing event Mayrhofen, Austria. It is a huge party on the snow which enjoyed on the snow. Basically, the festival held to enjoy snow sports. Furthermore, the Snowbombing festival in the several years, turn out to be the biggest music festival on the mountains. Publicized as a Ride N Seek event has many interesting things to it. The eclectic mix of music acts each night. The best festival which held on snow.

Five Incredible Festivals Around The World in 2017

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