Few Amazing Facts About Christmas

Amazing Facts About Christmas

There are numerous strange and interesting facts about Christmas celebrations. For instance, did you realize that various zoos feed donated Christmas trees to their animals? Or on the other hand that on the eve of Christmas there is a town in Peru where both youthful and old settle any remarkable grudges with fist battles? Hold up; we are going to share some other 10 interesting facts about Christmas in the article below.

10 Interesting Facts About Christmas

Here below are ten amazing facts about christmas.

Fist Fighting in Village of Peru

On the occasion of Christmas, in a village of Peru young and old ones resolve their hatreds by fist fighting. After then they welcome the new year with clean hearts.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Christmas Day Celebration Event at Pakistan Embassy Abu Dhabi

Telling of Scary Ghost Stories

It was an old tradition in the event of Christmas that the elders tell their children the stories of the scary ghost. This tradition died in the past century, and it may have different reasons. It may die because nowadays children are more practical as compared to the old ages. Another reason is the day to day advancement in the technology and focus of children shifted towards electronic and computerized toys & devices.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Song “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin

Irving Berlin’s song White Christmas is the best selling song in the history. According to the calculation, there were about more than 100 millions copies of the song were sold.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Rough Getup Dress and Newfoundland’s People

During the days of Christmas, the people of Newfoundland wear crude masks and dresses. After dressing up this disguise, they go out from their house while dancing and playing music. They go from house to house whereas, the hosts have to try their best to identify them.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Controversial Reality of Paul McCartney Christmas Song

Paul McCartney’s Christmas Song nearly earns 5 lac dollars every year. Whereas, many people criticise this song as his worst song ever.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Swedish People and Donald Duck Cartoon

Since 1960, a huge population of Sweden uses to watch Donald Duck cartoons on every Christmas Eve. It is still popular in these days, as preparations for Christmas 2017 are on its peak. People don’t forget to put Donald Duck cartoon in their list of planned programs.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Fact of Giant Christmas Tree

From past 40 years and in 1918, Nova Scotia, the Canadian province sent a giant Christmas tree to Boston City for thanking them for their support after 1917 Halifax explosion. This tree has its own position among facts about Christmas.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Little Ice Age

During the 16th and 19th centuries, it was known as a “little ice age.” It was said because the global temperatures fell several degrees than normal. Because of this fact, several Christmas songs relate with “White Christmas.”

Amazing Facts About Christmas

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody holds the only record of getting the UK Christmas Singles Chart Number One Twice. The first time it won in 1975, and the second time it won in 1991.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

X-mas abbreviation History

It was an ancient tradition that we abbreviate Christmas as X-mas. X is the Greek letter which meaning is “chi,” and it is an abbreviation for the word “Christ” in Greek.

Amazing Facts About Christmas

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