Emma Watson & Miles Teller Missed La La Land

La La Land

Actress of Beauty and the Beast & Singer Emma Watson originally cast for the movie La La Land as Mia as well as Miles Teller as Sebastian. She missed out candy-coloured musical because of her demands which were too high. The movie La La Land tied the record for the most Oscar nominations in history after scoring 14 nods last week. In The film’s cast, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling included.

Emma Watson & Miles Teller Have Missed La La Land

It initially declared that Emma Watson refused to work in La La Land because she wants to make her singing debut on silver screen in Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. And it informed for several months that Teller’s non-casting in the film was due to a pay dispute with director Damien Chazelle. The Hollywood Reporter claimed that the 29 years old star required more than $4 million that offered, and this figure said to be $6 million.

La La Land

Emma Watson, 26, was not cast as Mia in La La Land because of her “crazy demands”. “Watson was offered the leading female role. However, she initially would not commit. Then she started making all these crazy requirements, related to rehearsals for the film must do in London for a movie called La La Land. “They jumped through hoops to make it work with her, but she just did not feel the film was right for her. Producers ultimately cast Emma Stone, and once she was on board, Ryan Gosling jumped at the chance to work with her again,” a source said. Emma Watson and Miles Teller also stated to have “freaked out” as the film has gained a string of bells and are supposed to scoop some Academy Awards succeeding this month.

“Now that it’s getting all the awards, they are freaking out and looking for someone else to blame.” Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling received nominations in the best actress and actor category for the film, severally.

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