Detecting Symptoms Through Bed Bug Bites Pictures

A lot of news reports over the years have confirmed the presence of bugs in upscale hotels and this means that poor sanitation is not the only thing that causes bugs to grow and multiply. They live in any piece of furniture, clothing, curtains, drapes and bedding. They spread by crawling and they can pretty much contaminate multiple rooms in a home. They can also be present in boxes, drawers and suitcases. They can be anywhere! Waking up with bug bites is surely one of the things you would hate to happen. How will you know that the bugs are the culprit? Look up some bed bug bites pictures to help you identify and compare the ones that you have.

Bug bites are raised red bumps that are very itchy. They are also inflamed and they are usually lined up in a row or sometimes they are clustered. Some people can go on for days without noticing the bites but others on the other hand tend to develop severe reactions like blisters and hives. Search for bed bug bites pictures over the internet so you’ll know exactly what they look like. If at all possible, do not scratch the affected area because if you do you are increasing your chances of infection. Calamine lotion and hydrocortisone both helps ease the itching.

Bed bug bites pictures will help you identify symptoms. This will allow you to treat the bites properly. There are a couple of things you can do to ease the itching and inflammation and one of which is by crushing Vitamin C tablets into powder, add a little bit of water to make a paste then apply directly onto the affected area. You can also dab tea tree oil. It’s effective in relieving the itch because of its antiseptic properties.

You can look at bed bug bites pictures in Google or Flicker. These are the 2 of the most popular sites to search for images. It’s very easy to do it in Google, just type “bed bug bites” and click the “Images” link and then there will be thousands of images that you can look at. Flicker on the other hand is a photo sharing site and the images you will see there are posted by victims of bed bugs.

I can’t stress the importance of proper detection of symptoms enough, this is the only way that you will be treated properly. Different skin rashes or infections need different approach.

Source by Diella Pierce

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