Christmas Celebrations Around The World

christmas celebrations

Christmas an annual event commemorating Jesus Chris’s birth celebrated on 25th of December. A religious event as well as cultural, it’s celebrated in all around the world among billions of people. In Early Middle Ages, the Christmas Celebrations were overlooked by Epiphany. It is in western Christianity which focused on the visits of the magi. But that was the ancient calendar which dominated by Christmas-related holidays.

Christmas Celebrations Around The World

The middle of winter has been a time for celebrations around the world. Many Centuries before the arrival of the man named as Jesus, in early Europeans it was celebrated with light and birth in the darkest days of the winter. Many people rejoiced during the winter’s solstice. When the worst time of the winter was behind of them, and they could look forward to longer days and also to extended hours of sunlight. The perfect time of celebrations in the most of the areas of Europe is at the end of the December. At this period of the year, a significant number of cattle slaughtered, and it’s a time to supply the fresh meat.

christmas celebrations

The Forty Days (St. Martin Days)

These specific forty days before Christmas festival became the “forty days of St. Martin”. The forty days began on November 11 and the feast of St. Martin of Tours but now known as Advent. There are different events with the various traditions as In Italy, and former Saturnalian traditions were attached to Advent.

The Christmas Tree and Christmas Celebrations

Long ago the advent of Christianity, the plants and trees that remained green all year long had a special meaning for the people in the winter. Just as the people today decorates their homes during the specific season with fir trees, pine, and, spruce. The ancient people hung evergreen boughs on their doors and windows as well. In many countries, it also believed that evergreens would keep away the witches, the ghosts, evil spirits, and illnesses.

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