WAFI “A Hand For the Nation” in the Month of November

A Hand For the Nation on 46th UAE National Day by WAFI

WAFI a Dubai’s iconic leisure and retail destination declared a patriotic expression platform on 31 Oct 2017. The platform will start its duties from 2nd November to 2nd December during opening hours of the mall. On 46th UAE National Day, the patriotic expression platform will go to end in a dramatic finale.

‘A Hand for the Nation’, is the name of the campaign is an invitation to UAE nationals as well as residents and a symbolic representation to come. To join this day they have a chance to show their love for the country which they consider as homeland.

WAFI Starts The Campaign of ‘A Hand for the Nation’ on 46th UAE National Day

During the month of November, the visitors of WAFI have the chance to guarantee their loyalty with a specially designed digital activation. Besides an impressive schedule of activities throughout November. Each Hand or pledge for the Nation will enlight a significant portion of UAE Flag. Whereas the UAE Flag designed to light up on the whole upon pledges about 46,000.

A Hand For the Nation on 46th UAE National Day by WAFI

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The spectacular journey of UAE is one to celebrate with passion and creativity. Whereas, every year during this month, a sense of dignity surrounds citizens that they look for multiple ways to express their love for their nation. Furthermore, at WAFI during this year they designed a tribute to the United Arab Emirates. Also, they have the plan to gather 46,000 signatures of gratitude in the form of human hands. Moreover, Louwrens Marais, Property General Manager said that every signature would light up our glorious flag. Whereas, Louwrens is the Property General Manager of WAFI Properties. Further, he stated that we invite the whole nation to join them at WAFI on 46th UAE National Day. Because after joining WAFI they have an opportunity to be a part of this landmark tribute.

A Hand For the Nation on 46th UAE National Day by WAFI A Hand For the Nation on 46th UAE National Day by WAFI

On 11th November the visitors of WAFI Mall will get to experience an exceptional range of handcrafted marvels at the ARTE market. Furthermore, shows and handpicked performances will entertain the guests and visitors on weekend of the 46th UAE National Day. Children from all over Dubai schools and special needs centers will welcome all month for a distinct and unifying experience that will impact the nation’s remarkable 46-year journey in a colorful manner.

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