Bolan Gulf Awards A Jest or an Award Show

Bolan Gulf Awards 2017

Bolan Gulf Awards show was held under the organisation of Bolan Cultural Society in which many people don’t attend the show, whereas their names included in invitations. Alternatively, the award distribution is also done in a crudely made and inappropriate manner. Regarding detailed reports an event decorated with the name of Bolan Gulf Awards 2017 within a local hotel of Dubai. It announced before that numerous famous personalities from Pakistan Showbiz would take part in it. Some other big names as Chief Minister of Baluchistan Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed besides leading singers Sajjad Ali, Hamid Ali Khan and Waris Baig; were included in the invitation to make people attend the show.

Bolan Gulf Awards A Jest or an Award Show?

However, those all personalities did not take part in the show. And no reason define of their not coming into the show in spite of Chief Minister of Baluchistan. Within hall, many seats appear empty from start to end. Important to realise that no reason defines of the award giving also. Also that how the person who is getting the award can get it? What’re the services he has done?

Most awards took (except Meera, Megha and Sarya Khanum) and given by the sponsors of the program. There were also some people comes which haven’t shown before this in any public program. The speciality of the program was a dance of Megha on which people are commenting in a critical.

Bolan Gulf Awards 2017

Dubai is a country where Award shows held from all over the world and the shows organised in in a systematic manner. In the same manner, the distribution of a prestigious Pakistan Award is out of thought. Remember, this kind of fun becomes a normal process on the name of Bolan Gulf award. In such manner that award winners doesn’t know that why they are getting the award.

Bolan Gulf Awards Lack of Mismanagement

Even the central person of the award don’t know that who is the person getting the award, and why award has given to him in the Bolan Gulf Awards. Later the highlights of the award through pictures and an excellent report become a regular process. On its basis, many facilities come into the next this type of award distribution.

Bolan Gulf Awards 2017

The mistreats with Pakistani Films not hidden from anyone. This quality of Film award is not less than the disgrace of our society. Our goal is not to humiliate any award event whether we want to explain that if an award show has a link with Pakistan, it would be good in quality. So the award will be award instead of a crystal shield which given on demand.

Bolan Gulf Awards 2017

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