Best Jewelry Brands for Engagement Rings

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Events have an important place in the life of people, and they want to make them as memorable as they can. There are numberless events came into the life of a person, but some events are unforgettable and unrepeated. Similarly, engagement is a memorable occasion of life for a person as it can be celebrated once in a life. So it is the desire of every person to make this event remarkable and incredible for rest of life. While making the event memorable, the engagement ring has a vital importance because without ring engagement is meaningless. Now, we are also discussing here top jewelry brands for engagement rings.

Top Jewelry Brands For Engagement Rings

Couples are curious about their engagement ceremony and it is the wish of each couple that their engagement rings selected from top brands. They are excited to buy more precious and costly rings to make their ceremony prominent and delightful than others. The elite class usually try to purchase a diamond rings for their children’s engagement functions. Below you can see the top jewelry brands in the world for engagement rings:

To 10 Jewelry Brands for Engagement Rings

1. Tiffany & Co

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Tiffany & Co is a brand name which produces jewelry, watches, sunglasses, etc. They also manufacture engagement rings which are famous for their exceptional look. Their yellow gold, rose gold and diamond rings are well-loved as their gorgeous designs and rich variety. They shape the pieces of diamonds in a technical way in the rings which rapidly attracts people towards them. Tiffany and Co have first place in the list of top jewelry brands for engagement rings.

2: Cartier Solitaire 1895 ring

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Cartier Solitaire is a famous brand among jewelry makers, and the engagement rings of Cartier are too much famous for their luxurious look. ‘Solitaire Ring 1895’ is the stylish and luxurious ring by Cartier which consist of a cushion shape cut diamond.

3. Lorraine Schwartz

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Lorraine Schwartz designs jewelry in a distinctive way, and they produce expensive pieces of rings that are out of the range of an ordinary man. As their styles are matchless, and heart touching, one would admire their products without any hesitation. Lorraine Schwartz is at number three in the list of top jewelry brands for engagement rings.

4. Harry Winston

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings

Harry Winston is a famous brand name of America which is popular for its exclusive designs of jewelry. Their Engagement rings also have fame in the elite community; they create quality rings for engagement which are peculiar in their designs. Youth desire to put the ring of Harry Winston on their engagement but due to their high rates, most people can’t afford it.

5. David Webb

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
David Webb is an American jeweler and also it is a brand name of jewelry which is popular because of its lovely designs. Engagement rings made by David Webb have exceptional styles which are usually made of gold and diamonds. Their sapphire and diamond ring is most prominent as it is made of yellow gold while one sapphire settled in the center and rounded with 16 finely round cut diamonds.  In our list of top ten, jewelry brands for engagement ring, David is at number five.

6. Fred Leighton

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Fred Leighton is the name of a New York jewelry brand which is famous for its outstanding and luxurious designs of rings. Famous Edwardian rings made by them are used to wear by people usually on their engagement day. Their engagement rings are available in different colors decorated with expensive jewels and pearls.

7: Monique Péan trapezoid

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Monique Péan is a brand name which manufactures jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Monique’s Engagement Rings are very famous because of their unique techniques as they are using a pair of diamonds in a ring with recycled Platinum. This antique white diamond pair ring is unique and famous for its attractive look. Monique Péan trapezoid is taken as the seventh biggest brand for top jewelry brands for engagement rings.

8: Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Ring

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings
Van Cleef & Arpels has a unique place among jewelry producers; they manufacture rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, etc. They have their attractive designs of jewelry as well as engagement rings; Snowflakes ring is the best example of their famous engagement ring. Using the diamonds and platinum in such a way to made the ring that it directly appeals the heart of a buyer.

9: Verdura

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings

Verdura brand makes stylish and occasional diamond rings, as their platinum and diamond Blades ring is famous due to its new design. This design of the ring is like two blades which look more appealing and attractive. Verdura placed at number nine on top jewelry brands for engagement rings.

10: Piaget Limelight

Top jewelry brands for engagement rings

Piaget is leading jewelry making company in the world, and their products consist of necklaces, watches and unique wedding and engagement rings. They are familiar because of their exceptional style and placing colorful pearls in rings. Their limelight ring is so different in design as it is made of white gold, topaz, and purple sapphires. Piaget Limelight is at number 10 on the list of top jewelry brands for engagement rings.


These engagement rings are the hard work of talented jewelry designers; as everyone can not make a unique and glorious style. It is a God gifted quality, which is given to some people and they implement their abilities to the rings and other jewelry. These rings bring the engagement ceremony of couples unforgettable for years.

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