Aamir Khan Acts Unique in Dangal

Aamir Khan

As an illustration, his coevals doing work continuously with the girls of half of their age but with a difference Aamir Khan Works as a Middle Aged person. He works in his upcoming movie a Nitesh Tiwari’s project Dangal a gray-haired, overweight wrestler resembling very near to his real age.

‘I thought about a Dangal project that it would be my last project or the end of my acting career. Three years ago when I heard the project I loved it. That time I was just come out of Dhoom 3 and PK and here a totally changed character for me. How’d I suddenly Jump to the 55 years age-old, I wouldn’t know? In fact, it was so close to my real age.’

Dangal: A True Story by Aamir Khan

The film ‘Dangal’ is based on the true story an Indian amateur wrestler Mahavir Om Parkash, an Olympic trainer along with his daughter Geeta and Babita. Before its first part, Aamir Khan first met Geeta and Babita.
“First I researched their lives well then I viewed interviews of the three. So I come to know the facts of their story before hearing the story from Nitesh Sir inside out.’

Besides that the film contains the biographical elements, Dangal created a buzz for its anti-patriarchal tone.
“The beauty of the wrestling is that it is not a sport which is violent though it is a contact sport. It is about your ability, upon your speed, the sharpness of your brain, your agility or how quickly you have to react to something. Your primary purpose is not to hurt your opponent. Your aim is to defeat him tactically; to get the better of the other person.”

Aamir Khan

While playing as a character whose dreams of the day are his son will fulfill his sporting desires. At the precise moment when Mahavir realizes that his daughters are more than capable of taking on the role. That is a time of twist in the film. It is a theme Aamir hopes will be filled deep with audiences, and it will bring about a change in society. After all, it isn’t an everyday topic that Bollywood has a movie on gender. The Empowerment headed by one of the Great Khans in Indian Film industry.

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