5 Reasons Why You Get Flu Every Time Winters Arrive?


There are a lot of problems which we face on a regular basis and want to get free of them as soon as possible but then cannot. Here are some causes of every problem which is very necessary to know. For the reason that, if you don’t know the reasons for any issue you cannot get rid of the problem. Flu is the biggest problem which catches many people rapidly. However, they won’t get rid of it. The winter season and flu are linked commonly as a pair. At the very outset of winter, people caught into flu and cannot get rid of it. What are the major causes of Flu in the winter season?

What is Flu Actually?

To know what is flu in actual, is the important thing to know, the secondary name of flu is influenza, is a viral respiratory illness. The virus which comes to be a cause of Flu is an active agent which is microscopic infectious. Further, it raids your body cells as a result, and you got sickness named flu. There are some symptoms of the flu which verify it’s coming as fever, aches all over the body, severe headache, cold sweats, exhaustion, and some gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhea, and vomiting is included into it. Furthermore, the flu problem is infectious. The problem easily spread into other people via sneezing as well as a cough (which comes from a person who is infected).

5 Reasons Of Flu In Winter

  1. The water vapor in the air gives the impression to be a dangerous element for the virus itself. However, there is a way to normalize its effect, and you need to change the acidity or salt absorption in the pack of mucus. As a result, it will lose the weapons which attack our cells in general. Dry air is helpful to survive virus and give them an opportunity to stay active for hours. So there is a chance for them to be inhaled and lodge into the cells of your throat.


  1. Dry air becomes another cause of this disease. In the cold weather, via our mouths or noses, we expel a mist of particles. In the humid air, these particles remain large as a result, drop out on the floor. Whereas, The case changed into the dry air, The particles convert into the small pieces and so small that becomes a part of the air to stay into it for numberless hours or days. It comes to be a major cause of spreading the viruses more easily. When you go to the room, you’ll take those dead cells, viruses and mucus easily via breathing, from the air.


  1. There is another cause of flu, that is lack Vitamin D. Frequently, in winter the day remains so small, and without the sun necessary rays. In like manner, your body runs on a low vitamin D system. Vitamin D is required to power up your immune system and make us more easy prey to disease. As a result of your defences to stop infection come to be weak.


  1. In the cold weather, everyone is constricted by his or her blood vessels of the nose, when takes breath into the cold air, to stop losing heat. Accordingly, it stops white blood cells which work like a warrior against germs and allows viruses to go inside the body, leaving defences disregarded. Furthermore, you caught in the problem when you go outside having your hair wet.


  1. The last and the least reason turn into the preparation of our body. When the season changes the quickly the virus changes as well, and our body is just not prepared for the quick variation in the season.

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