Eminent Chef Zubaida Tariq Passed Away In Karachi

Zubaida Tariq Passed Away

Eminent chef, cooking expert, and TV character Zubaida Tariq passed away on Thursday night @ Karachi. Moreover, her brother Anwar Maqsood deep-rooted the sad news, count the great professional cook was sick for some time. Zubaida Tariq’s funeral prayer offered on Sultan Mosque in the city’s Defence part next to Friday prayers. Zubaida Tariq passed away news is really sad and shocking.

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Zubaida Aapa attained eminence performing cookery shows on TV as well as writing cookbooks. Furthermore, her regular culinary advice segments on various TV channels were so popular that Zubaida ‘Aapa’ became a household name across Pakistan. By way of a formal announcing name “Mrs. Zubaida Tariq,” Aapa comes back to television in 1996 as soon as she was in her 50s. At the outset, her program “Dalda Ka Dastarkhwan” soon went on to become a widely popular evening engagement.

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Zubaida Tariq Passed Away On Thursday

Aapa had nine siblings, together with playwright Anwar Maqsood, designer Sughra Kazmi, novelist and poet Zehra Nigah, in addition to the late Fatima Surraiya Bajiya a drama writer. Aapa used to narrate that right after her marriage where after; she shifted to Lahore. Aapa was no idea regarding cooking, that’s why the first-ever meal; she organized on her in-laws’ house was tumble down.

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Remarkably, she had made an effort to get ready “karhi, a chickpea flour dish; deprived of the critical component like yogurt and tossed it out. To mask her disappointment, she changes to dressed up and influenced her husband to get her out for Chinese cooking”, freelance journalist Saba Imtiaz wrote in November 2017.
“I know people will hark back to me well,” she said (on the word of Imtiaz).

“I make it clear to my husband in case I die, gratify this carve on my gravestone: Zubaida Aapa totkay wali.”

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