YouTube Starts Video Previews

youtube video previews

After a long time of services, YouTube comes with video previews as the crow flies from the thumbnails. YouTube users have an ability to see the previews from their homes as well as from search feeds. The feature will be turn out bit by bit to the users. In this way, The PC or laptop users are leading before those, who are on mobile besides other platforms.

YouTube Video Previews

From here on, you need to roll your cursor over a video thumbnail, after it shows you the 3-second preview of the video. Furthermore, the video preview will provide the users with an idea of the content to imagine while viewing it. The video previews can be viewed in Chrome (versions 32 and above) also in Opera (versions 19 and above), the browsers on the web. A support regarding mobile phone platforms will add soon. Whereas, it is not announced yet.

Video Previews on Other Websites

What’s more? Video previews are available for years for other video services like Daily Motion and in recent times Vimeo. Up to that time, users need to click on the video if they want to check its validity. Control which was applied masterfully by low-quality content makers to increase cheap views on the back of dramatic headlines.

The content for video previews is pick up randomly from inside the videos for now. On the other hand, the press release is indefinite about whether content makers can assume it in the yet to come. The videos which are longer than 30 seconds just are eligible for a promo in the thumbnail.

Furthermore, there are certain categories of videos that not added to this unique feature of YouTube, together with live videos. The video previews are reported by a few users in the wild at social media concerning past weeks, but it is likely being warmed up for prime time, now. The feature is best for the website in order to provide the best experience to its users.

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