Xiaomi Mi6 Full Specification

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications

Are you looking for a smartphone? Your search will end here on Xiaomi Mi6, one of a gorgeous gadget ever produced in the mobi-tech world.   Do you want to know more? In need of a Good Phone to fulfil all your desires? Mi 6 is truly a next generation smartphone that will best suit the needs and lifestyle; Because of Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.5 Gigahertz processor with additional eight cores on the chip which will help the device run high speed games at unbelievably fast pace. All hardcore gamers should grab one as soon as it is available to them.

Xiaomi Mi6 Full Specs And Price

With its 23 Megapixel primary and 10 Megapixel front high definition cameras it is going to outclass all smartphones in the market. So, if you have photo craze or selfie-mania Mi6 is going to be your correct choice. It is a great improvement from Mi5, which offers 16 megapixels back and 6 Megapixel front shooter. The camera of Xiaomi Mi6 will offer autofocus and optical image maintenance features which will make it the best suitable device for still and dynamic photography. Videos recorded will be accompanied by best quality soundtracks due to hyper-sensitive microphone device.

Moreover, if you purchase a Mi6, you do not need to bother for cords and wires supported mobile phone chargers as it offers wireless charging panel to recharge the battery. All you need to do it place this phone on the charging mat and battery will recharge automatically. In short time of 20 minutes, 30% of the battery and 30 minutes 50 % of the battery gets recharged. So, in only 30 minutes you can have a charge of 1225 mAh which is half of 2450 mAh it offers.

Xiaomi Mi6 Security System

The security system of Xiaomi Mi6 is also state of the art, and it offers retina (retina of the eye) scanning features which can make your phone secure as no one else can scan it open with his or her retina. The display and touch screen options are on par with iphone and its design are very elegant which is going to make it an automatic choice of yours when you plan to purchase your next smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications

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