World’s Largest Samosa…Delicious & Biggest

World’s Largest Samosa

Yummy!! Like samosa? Here is exciting news for you. The world’s largest Samosa has been made on Tuesday. The world’s largest samosa weighs 153.1 kg and comes to be a world record. However, earlier largest samosa weighs 110.8 kg. The previous record was set by Bradford College in June 2012 in northern England. It takes various hard work and a dozen helpers to complete the challenge. These all volunteers who have worked for it were a member of Muslim Aid UK charity. Furthermore, world’s largest samosa was deep fried at a mosque in East London.

Rules For World’s Largest Samosa

It was done for a competition. The rules regarding competition were as written below.

  • The Samosa will be made in triangular shape
  • It should take in flour, onions, potatoes, and peas
  • It will fry properly whereas retaining the shape when cooked

The rules were announced by the adjudicator of  Guinness Pravin Patel. All process was done under the view of observers from the Guinness World Records. For the reason, if there any mistake or any error they’d caught. As a result, they find everything well and good.

The samosa was arranged on an enormous wire mesh then put into the vat chock full with cooking oil. Many men took part in the process, frying and preparing it before it was taken out to be weighed. In short, the samosa was to look like the real deal, be edible and not a single portion was to be wasted.

“My heart was beating indeed so fast,” stated Farid Islam, 26, the project organizer. All of the processes take 15 hours.

Delicious & Biggest

As soon as it was fried and weighed, after that tasted by an independent food safety officer. He gives an excellent response by giving a thumb up to the samosa. In addition to, the whole hall went crazy due to the pleasure. Patel gave the final verdict and all the certificates to the achievers.

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