World Performing Art Festival Back in Lahore

art festival lahore

The great, funny, interesting Art Festival come back after eight years. This event was held before in 2008 now it’s again coming back to entertain people. So Lahorians! be happy now, excitement is coming back to you. Due to some security reasons, the event stopped in the past few years. Which includes a lot of fun in it, including Dance, Theater, films, music and puppet show from the world.
A set of a village will arrange at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex Qadafi Stadium, Lahore. Rafi Peer Theater Workshop organized this event to provide entertainment to the viewers. So this such an event which will entertain you. Local and International artists will perform in it.

Art Festival Back in Lahore After Eight Years

Sadan Peerzada ( The Chief Operating Officer of Rafi Peer Theater Workshop (RPTW)) reported that event will start on 24 November and ends on 4 December. Some European countries participants are also expected, and some groups from India will also participate in this event. Saadan further said that 13 performances would take place in this single setting; some famous singers will perform like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Abida Parveen, and Shafqat Amanat. This event will be more exciting and enjoyable because a get-together of various cultures will be delight you most.

art festival lahore after 8 years

Request to Punjab Government Regarding Art Festival

The organizers have requested the government to make this art festival peaceful and give security to the every participant of the festival. The Organizers are much excited about this event and ask from the government to decorate Allama Iqbal International Airport to promote this art festival.
This cultural Festival will re-alive the cultural effects which have been faded down.

Sadan Peerzada said:

Changes have been committed in Pakistan politically and culturally but we would keep alive ourselves and cultural Events never be stopped. These Cultural events have many benefits for people because they entertain them and display the colors of different cultures, Pakistani Culture, the whole Asian Cultures and European Cultures.

A senior dancer of cultural events Nighat Chaudhary said that we have to support these type of festivals because they support art as well as artists. Sadan stated that RPTW comes back at the correct time when people bored by too much confusion have been created by unusual political activities.

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