WordPress Make Social Sharing Easier

WordPress Make Social Media Sharing Easier

The best online publishing network WordPress.com is making much more improvement in the sense which is needed more than any other thing. It is going to update things regarding social media. The social media is the most important side nowadays. Pay no attention to social media will not bring the improvements. The option which is added for all WordPress users will feel free. As a result, you can prevent all of the additional plugins which help you to share your post on social media.

At present, WordPress.com provides you with an opportunity to get all social media sharing via your accessibility of your WordPress dashboard. The facility is named as “Advanced Social Media” schedule Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn posts directly from the admin interface.

WordPress Make Social Media Sharing Easier

With this update you can:
Reappear older “evergreen” posts in order to share them with newer followers. Made up your posts in bulk for your social media to save the time. Preview forthcoming tweets, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn updates. Craft messages in detail to appropriate the profile or network where you are posting. You can also view the earlier shares of the post. The facility needs some requirements, as the update is available just for the Premium as well as Business users. It means if you are using free or Personal package; you cannot avail it. It works with the Jetpack plugin for Premium or Business packages.

WordPress Make Social Media Sharing Easier
How to Use the function?

In order to avail the feature, you need to pick up the “Share” button beneath a post in the list of posts. You can then share the post immediately, or you can schedule it for a future date or time. To verify that you do everything right; you can review your post in addition. At this point, you can check your text as well as featured image are not misplaced.

WordPress had social media sharing extensively now; however, all you need to attach your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account with your WordPress account. Later, it’ll send a tweet or an update instantly when you published a post.

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