Walk to Wake Awareness Against Diabetes in UAE

diabetes walk uae

Thousands of participants took approximately 3.8kms long walk in Dubai on Friday. This walk is in a bid to raise awareness about diabetes and promote the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Walk for The Awareness of Diabetes in UAE

The walk distance span was approximately 3km, following which participants had checked their sugar levels at free blood glucose testing kiosks. In this campaign about diabetes, there were also held many amazing exercises like spot dance, yoga and Zumba sessions of fitness.

All over the world including UAE, a significant number of people are facing Diabetes; they are struggling with this disease. However, the time has come now to give the awareness of this disease to the whole community. The government and the many charity foundations join hands to give courage and awareness to people to live a healthy life.

Photo Gallery of Diabetes Awareness Walk UAE

diabetes walk uae

diabetes walk uae

diabetes walk uae

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