VSCO Will Turn out to be Your favorite Video Editor


 VSCO The top photo editing app you will find on any of the tech websites. Due to its superfluous functions, features, and an easy system of navigation make it the best app. It is decided by the company that to add into it an extended type of functions and upgrade it. Consequently, a video editing function has been added into the VSCO app. However, the feature is just available for IOS users. The VSCO App contains now several presents as well as some fine tuning tools which will make your video more attractive in addition to smart than before.

In order to facilitate video editing, VSCO App uses SENS technology. In recent times, an update was released which facilitate users to edit RAW images by using the app. An accomplishment makes possible by means of the innovative technology. Furthermore, the video editing tool is going to make available a variety of standard presets. From here on, custom tools like contrast and saturation sliders to twist the output to their personal preference.

VSCO App A Video Editior


In order to get the feature, you will need to be registered as a member of the company’s VSCO X which costs $20 (~2100 PKR) once a year. However, the already users can launch the app right now. Move toward the Studio section and tap the banner which illustrates the Video Editing feature. On or after users have to select any video from camera videos for editing.

What’s more? The app has an ability to support video up to 4K at 30 FPS captured via iPhone. In addition to lower resolution clips without any restriction of length or size. More features are expected to be added with more granular control over the editing process in the future. The VSCO app upgrade is accessible, download it on iOS however it is expected that the Android version will also get the feature soon.

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