Reality-TV Show ‘Omo Achievers Kitchen’ Closes on A Successful Note

Unilever and B4U

13 UAE based women take part in the mini-series delivered by Unilever and B4U. The show was held on 7th of September 2017 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The part of Unilever and B4U’s global enterprise to empower 5 million women by 2020 over and done with the power of its brands; Unilever gets connected with B4U Plus to produce a thirteen-week mini-series ‘Omo Achievers Kitchen’. In this series that is based on 13 weeks features UAE women entrepreneurs.

Unilever and B4U Collaboration

UAE got the rank of 19 on the Global Entrepreneurial Index in the middle of 137 countries. In keeping with statistics, on the point of 10% of start-up originators are women. To foster womenpreneurship, the show features a 30-minute episode in conversation with the ladies entrepreneurs. In this conversation, all women share their stories of struggle. As well as offered advice to women about how to have a work-life balance; while concurrently preparing their own family liked recipes. As a result, the show time-honoured a positive reaction in the midst of B4U’s 8 million viewers.

Unilever and B4U Reality-TV Show

Gulf Home Care Marketing Manager at Unilever of Sarah Qazi said, “When B4U network came to us including the idea, we were sold on the concept since it had not been done before being capable of a subordinate with a show that preferred women was a winning interactive concept for us. This region is filled with wishful women. In addition to from time to time, a motivation from another successful woman goes a long way.

‘Omo Achievers Kitchen’ by Unilever and B4U

Unilever and B4U

Zeeshan Sajid Amin, the Business head of B4U Network ME stated, “The mini-series indicated the brands’ goal and vision to empower women, that is fundamental to economic and social growth development. The show performed remarkably high. For the reason that the show made for an inspirational message to women based here in the UAE; besides we are gratified to be part of this along with Unilever.”

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