Umer Shareef The Comedy King Has Prodigious History

Umer Shareef

Umer Shareef, the Wealth of Pakistan, the Marvelous Personality, and The Legend Comedy ICON of Pakistan Industry, have some things in his history which are out of sight from us. He was born on 19th of April 1955 at Liaqat Abad, Karachi. Umer Shareef is the great stage, Theatre, Film in addition TV Actor. The primary cause of his fame is ridiculous Stage Dramas. His real name was Muhammad Umar, However, after coming on screen, he changed his name into Umer Shareef.

He started his career from 1974 when his age was 14 years. In 1980, for the first time, he released his dramas using Audio Cassettes. Furthermore, Umer Shareef is similarly consequently famous in India as in Pakistan. He first got married to Shakeela Qureshi later break up with her. For the second time, he got married to Zareen Ghazal in 2005, who is still his wife.

Umer Shareef Achievements

The South Asian King of Comedy belongs to a low-income family; however, he realises his what it takes and kicks off using them from 1974. Shareef got national fame for performing in a stage play entitled ‘Bakra Qistoon Pay’. He was praised as “living legend on earth” in a famous Indian Comedy show. He is the one and only ever, who is awarded four times in a single year ‘Ten Nigar Awards’. Umer Shareef is also got the key to the Karachi City, and this is done for the first time that any actor has been awarded the key to any city.

The Comedy King got lots of Awards due to his exceptional work as

  • Best Stage Actor (1984)
  • Three Graduate Awards
  • The Best Stage Director (1988)
  • Chicago Award (1992)
  • Four Qaumi Awards
  • Cassette Melody Awards
  • The Best Director as well as Best Actor National Awards because Mr. 420 (1992)
  • Karachi’s Trend Changer Award (1993)
  • One International Emirates Award in Dubai
  • Excellent Performance by Lahore Press Club Award for  (1996)
  • Best Award for Hat Trick in Audio Cassettes
  • National Defence College Pakistan Shield
  • Waheed Murad Award
  • Two Bolan Awards
  • Musavir Award
  • Jang Akhbar Award
  • Khabrain Award
  • Sadaaqat Newspaper Award
  • Award from Allama Iqbal Medical College

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