UAE Resume Support To Fight Against Drugs

UAE Continue Support To Fight Against Drugs

The UAE has gone over its constant support to the enduring international efforts to fight and eradicate drugs. For the reason to defend the health and safety of human beings from this infliction. This curse signifies a global affair, requires greater co-operation to approach it. Before the 60th conference of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) in Vienna. Furthermore, UAE strained that it has attained positive results in the fight against drugs at the national level.

United Arab Emirates Continue To Fight Against Drugs

It has set the reduction in the number of drug addicts more than the past years. Consequently, the same levels were maintained in the course of 2016 when seizures and confiscation operations rose by 25% over the preceding year. The audience chatted about the newest signs of progress in this field, and the latest narcotic elements and their effects. They correspondingly discussed the ways to ban these items globally, surrounded by the plans of the international conventions on drugs.

They also go through the global experiences and studied the draft resolutions, which member states desire to adopt the policies. In addition to strategies to fight against drugs, as well as the organisation of more than 80 workshops and events. These workshops would contribute to the development of ways to battle the phenomenon.

UAE Continue Support To Fight Against Drugs

Delivering the UAE’s speech in advance the audience, Director-General of the Anti-Narcotics Federal General Directorate at the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, declared: the UAE, in light of an overall national line of attack, has adopted 26 operational indicators to assess the progress of performance. It has made in the struggle toward drugs at all customs, health, security, and educational, as well as civic sectors. For the purpose of the shared responsibility to look after society from this curse. On the secondary activity of the meeting, the UAE also reviewed its defensive besides field efforts in its fight against drugs over and done with the Ministry of Interior.

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