UAE Ramadan 2017 Calendar

UAE Ramadan 2017 Calendar

Here is a complete UAE Ramadan 2017 Calendar displayed to you. All of 30 days are mentioned but days will decrease regarding moon seen day; if the moon appears one day before the one day will be decreased. If the moon will be seen on the evening of 30th Ramadan the start day of Ramadan 2017 will remain the same. Concerning this Calendar, Eid ul Fitr will be on 24th of June 2017.

UAE Ramadan 2017 Calendar

Ramadan DayDayDate
1st RamadanSaturday27-May-17
2nd RamadanSunday28-May-17
3rd RamadanMonday29-May-17
4th RamadanTuesday30-May-17
 5th RamadanWednesday31-May-17
6th RamadanThursday1-Jun-17
7th RamadanFriday2-Jun-17
8th RamadanSaturday3-Jun-17
9th RamadanSunday4-Jun-17
10th RamadanMonday5-Jun-17
11th RamadanTuesday6-Jun-17
12th RamadanWednesday7-Jun-17
13th RamadanThursday8-Jun-17
14th RamadanFriday9-Jun-17
15th RamadanSaturday10-Jun-17
16th RamadanSunday11-Jun-17
17th RamadanMonday12-Jun-17
18th RamadanTuesday13-Jun-17
19th RamadanWednesday14-Jun-17
20th RamadanThursday15-Jun-17
21st RamadanFriday16-Jun-17
22nd RamadanSaturday17-Jun-17
23rd RamadanSunday18-Jun-17
24th RamadanMonday19-Jun-17
25th RamadanTuesday20-Jun-17
26th RamadanWednesday21-Jun-17
27th RamadanThursday22-Jun-17
28th RamadanFriday23-Jun-17
29th RamadanSaturday24-Jun-17
30th RamadanSunday25-Jun-17

UAE Ramadan 2017 Calendar Variations

Note: It is the expected date of Ramadan 2017 in the whole UAE. However, the day will change in relation to the moon seen. If the moon is seen one day before the specified date, one day will be decreased. The month of Ramadan runs from Hijri Years regarding the moon is seen durations. The Date of Hijri year months never change. On the other hand, it is the date of Georgian Calendar in which alterations happens every year. The Ramadan starting date, changes approx. 11 days every year. And it will continue on account of the moon seen, every year.

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