UAE First Day of Ramadan 2017

UAE First Day of Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2017, the month of Allah, the month of blessings, is going to start in very near future. So get ready to collect as many blessings as you can. Need to know the beginning date of the month? Here is the first date of the Ramadan 2017 in UAE declared at the Sharjah Planetarium by officials. The recent announcement of Ramadan Shareef in 2017 in UAE in 27th of May 2017.

UAE First Day of Ramadan 2017

First Day of Ramadan 2017 in UAE

The new moon of the month of 1438 AH Shawwal which announces the end of the Ramadan 2017  will appear on the day of Sunday, 25th of June 2017. The time of sunset on that will be 7:13 pm. It declares that 25th of June 2017 will be the day of the beginning of Eid Ul Fitr. The day will also be the opening of Shawwal.

On the word of the reports of the astronomers about the crescent moon of the holy month will look on 27th of May, 2017 on Saturday. The sun set time of that day will 7:13 pm. Furthermore, according to reports, the Planetarium added that daylight time of the start of the Ramadan 13 hours and 45 minutes long. Approximately the amount of the hours while fasting will be 15 hours and 25 minutes. However, at the end of the Ramadan, the scene will be changed. The daylight time will decrease to 13 hours and 25 minutes. Accordingly, the fasting hours will also be modified. The fasting hours will then 14 hours and 55 minutes.

The summer season will on its peek on the time when Ramadan 2017 will start. Furthermore, the temperature of Dubai within Ramadan 2017  will reach 43 degrees. It will go downwards at the end of the season to 42 degrees. So here is the condition of Ramadan also dates, timing as well. As soon as possible we’ll display Ramadan Sehri and Iftar Timing Chart. Stay up to date keep visiting

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