UAE Aid of $100 Million For Yemen

UAE Aid of $100 Million For Yemen

The UAE Aid in the disguise of donation the US $100 million in support of Yemen during 2017 and declared firm support for the Yemeni people. International Cooperation for International Development Affairs. And Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, announce the donation. In the duration of the High-Level Promising Event for the Benevolent Crisis in Yemen, organised in Geneva, Switzerland.

UAE Aid of $100 Million For Yemen

Meanwhile, from April 2015, the UAE has delivered more than $2 billion to support humanitarian procedures. The development and reconstruction in numerous sectors comprising setup, healthcare and housing in Yemen. The UAE aid helped 10 million Yemeni people of which four million children, Al Shamsi stated. Although the UAE aid contained within 172,000 tonnes of food supplies on the way to address severe food scarcities; polio vaccines for up to 488,000 children, medical supplies, medicine, and ambulances for Taiz, Aden, and Hodeidah, Al Shamsi noted.

The UAE Aid correspondingly restored over and above 270 school, 40 hospitals and clinics across Yemen. The Ryan Airport in Hadramaut province, along with an airport and a seaport on Socotra Island headed to facilitate humanitarian delivery. Work is on the move to restore the strategic Mokha Port which was liberated after local rebel militia; to the procedure it as a further port for bringing humanitarian aid in Taiz.

UAE Aid of $100 Million For Yemen

Co-operation is in progress amongst the UAE and international organisations, for instance, the World Food Programme; UNICEF, the World Health Organisation, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and International Committee of Red Cross working in Yemen; logistic abilities and training programmes of the judicial authorities, Al Shamsi declared. The UAE Aid to maintain budgets, and police forces, fulfilled an urgent need to confirm the safety of international and local humanitarian organisations operating in Yemen, he said.

UAE To Join Operations To Restore Security in Yemen

The UAE as well join in operations to restore security in Yemen using UAE Aid. Together with the take back of several areas such as the Yemeni port city of Mukalla as of al-Qaeda terrorists. He said while pointing up that the humanitarian state of affairs in Yemen leftovers a top priority to the UAE Aid. For the reason that it recognises the highly serious impression of the constant crisis in Yemen, the broader region and beyond.

Al Shamsi praises the efforts of the United Nations special envoy for Yemen. The Finest solution of Yemen’s Crisis is to keep on track the political condition of the region. UAE is trying to finish Yemen’s Crisis and to make betterment in the area.

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