Top 10 Women’s Perfume Cologne

Top 10 women's perfume cologne in the world

Women are very conscious about everything which they are going to apply them. As women want to look more and more beautiful, they use different cosmetic products. That’s the reason they choose things which are outstanding and superb. Perfume has a most prominent place in women’s makeover. As they want to apply the fragrance which most suited to their occasion. In the article below we make the list of Top 10 women’s perfume cologne.

Top 10 women’s perfume cologne

1:  Pure Poison from Dior

Pure poison perfume’s fragrance is seductive, so better use of this perfume is in evening parties. Pure poison gets a prime place among perfumes. Top notes of this fragrance are Jasmine and Bergamot, heart notes are Frangipani, Tangerine, and Orange Blossom, and base notes are of Sandalwood and Amber. Pure Poison has 1st number among top 10 women’s perfume cologne.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

2: Bella Vince Camuto

Bella Vince Camuto is the quite new perfume of Vince Camuto which has an orange ribbon and a golden color cap. Notes of  Bella are Bergamot, Nectarine Blossom, White Amber and Jasmine. Its fragrance is different in some way it gives juicy effect. White Amber gives warm and sensual effect.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

3: Desiria Bvlgari

It is a unique creation of  Bvlgari. The most powerful effect in Desiria is flowers’ fragrance. Fragrance notes are of Magnolia Essence, Rose, Jasmine petals, and musk. Desiria Bvlgari is at 3rd place on the list of Top 10 women’s perfume cologne.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

4: Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari

Bvlgari Pour Femme Bvlgari contains floral fragrance in a different way. Top notes are of carnation, violet, coriander, raspberry, peach, bergamot,  Sichuan pepper and white blossom. Middle notes are Bulgarian rose, lily of the valley, heliotrope, iris, Egyptian jasmine and orris root. And Base notes are Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin, green tea and woody notes. In Top 10 women’s perfume cologne Bvlgari has fourth number.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

5: Black Opium

Black Opium has different styles of appearance. Its fragrance is cheerful as well as attractive which gives emotional and soothing effect. Notes which are mention upon Black Opium are Coffee, Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Blossom, Orange, and Pear.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

6: Victoria‘s Secret Bomb Shell

Victoria’s Secret Bomb Shell is a perfume for women; its fragrance captures human heart. Victoria’s Secret Bomb Shell has floral fruity fragrance. Notes are  Shangri-la peony, Purple passion fruit, and vanilla orchid. Secret Bomb Shell has sixth number among Top 10 women’s perfume cologne.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

7: Acqua Di Gioia

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani is a seduction type aromatic fragrance. A perfume which melts you with natural ingredients made for soothing effects. Top, middle and base notes are of Mint, Amalfi Lemon, peony, pink pepper, Jasmine,  French Labdanum, Sugar and Virginia Cedar.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

8: Tory Burch Eau de Parfum

Tory Burch is a cosmetic company, announces its first ever fragrance Tory Burch Eau de perfume for girls. Top notes are neroli grapefruit, currant buds, and leaves, pink pepper, and mandarin.The heart notes are sweet alyssum, tuberose, jasmine, mimosa, carrot seed and peony. And base notes are of white musk, vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

9: Guess Seductive EDT Spray

Notes of Guess Seductive EDT Spray are Pear, Bergamot, Black Currant, Jasmine, Vanille, Orris root, African orange flower, etc..  Its fragrance is refreshing and bright effect comes.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

10: Michael Kors for women

Michael Kors is a great company which sells handbags, ready to wear, watches and cosmetics, etc. Moreover, the fragrance is also a primary product of the Michael Kors. Top notes of Michael Kors are Chinese osmanthus and tamarind; middle notes are tuberose, incense, iris, peony arum lily, orris root and base notes are cashmere wood, musk, and vetiver. At number ten on the list of Top 10 women’s perfume cologne Michael Kors for women is present.

Top 10 women's perfume cologne

These are all top 10 women’s perfume cologne in the world. And all these fragrances has their uniqueness, beauty, attention and refreshing power which attract other people.

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