Three Channels warned by PEMRA on Airing ‘Indecent Content’

Three Channels warned by PEMRA on Airing Indecent Content

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) given out a warning notice to more than a few local channels on behalf of airing indecent content. PEMRA point out that in the case of repetitive violations, serious actions will be taken in contradiction of the following TV channels as per PEMRA law: Geo Entertainment, ARY Communications, and HUM TV.
Furthermore, the authority has given out the warning in the direction of these TV channels distinctly; in addition to PEMRA has directed them to meet the terms and conditions of their licenses. Moreover, PEMRA has also made it clear that TV channels should “respect sociocultural norms and appoint/train powerful and efficient in-house exposition committees to avoid before-mentioned violations in future.”

Three Channels warned by PEMRA on Airing Indecent Content

The media leading figure did not make available the detailed information of the content. Furthermore, it did not deliver any particular information on the subject of the nature of the violation. On the other hand, PEMRA pulled out the events when and where the violations had done. The details by PEMRA for the channels and the scenes are detailed as:

Geo Entertainment
There was a drama serial aired on this channel on 7th of August, 2017, wherein indecent content was exposed. Consequently, the authority brings into being the broadcast was contrary to the “provisions of the Electronic Media Code of Conduct 2015. Further, it was also against socio-cultural standards and morals of the country.”
On the condition of privacy, a PEMRA official exposed that drama serial which contains this indecent content was Khali Haath.

ARY Communication
In the same way, ARY was also held responsible for broadcasting inappropriate content on HBO Pakistan. In the meantime, ARY is the one and only landing rights owner of the channel.
The indecent content aired on 10th of April 2017.

Hum TV
To sum up, Hum TV has given out a warning on the content which is an episode of a drama serial on the 21st of May. Furthermore, the PEMRA official exposed it to be the drama serial Kitni Girhain Baaki Hain.

Three Channels warned by PEMRA on Airing Indecent Content

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