Saudi Arabia To Construct Private Tourist Resort For Foreigners

The Red Sea project

Saudi Arabia has made a plan to make construct a ‘semi-autonomous’ travel destination that will go visa-free along its northwestern Red Sea coast. At that new Private Tourist Resort the restrictions regarding women dress, gender as well as segregation and some other rules will change. The Red Sea project will take in diving charms and a nature stand-in, along with more or fewer areas similar to the luxury hotels, islands besides coves of the Maldives. The Commission for Tourism of Saudia did not instantly answer back to an Associated Press appeal for added information on the rules that will direct tourists on the Red Sea resort.

Saudi Arabia To Construct The Red Sea Project (Private Tourist Resort) For Foreigners

The country’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) declared that it would make available the seed capital to grow the resort area. Furthermore, it is an explanation that the latest ‘semi-autonomous’ area will rule by laws on par with international standards.’ The fund assumed the project would attract relevant terms in the hotel industry. In order to provide the next generation of tourism in a new way that is wider, and going to open Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea seashore to the tourists throughout the world.

The Red Sea project

The supreme wealth fund emerging the project has control over by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman; he is the newest young prince, was entitled heir headed for the sovereignty by his father, King Salman. The prince is supervising a dramatic service of the economy to make less the dependence on the export of oil for proceeds. The central idea regarding this plan that is going to open up in 2030 by prince vision is tourism. The plan aims to branch out and update Saudi society and the economy. Besides the plan consist of ideas to keep some of the Saudi money that paid out in the country every year abroad. It likewise calls for hovering tourism incomes separate of the Islamic journey towards Mecca, which Saudi Arabia manages.

Red Sea Private Tourist Resort Project Main Points

The main points of the red sea project can figure as

  • The Red Sea project will consist of diving charms and a nature reserve
  • It’s portion of the plan to differentiate and modernize Saudi society as well as entice tourists
  • It will construct end to end 125 miles (200 kilometers) of seashore

The Red Sea project intended for receiving 15 billion ($4billion/£3billion) Saudi Riyals on an annual basis accurately. Besides, there will be another opportunity for 35,000 jobs. Most of the rules of the country have been changed for this project as it is.

As it has illustrated by the government of the country that is going to start the red sea project will be safer and secure for all of the visitors. And it will provide a high level of protection in keeping with the highest international finest preparation”.

The Red Sea project

The PIF is the principal investor in a ‘Six Flags theme park’ that is estimated to construct in a fresh entertainment town. Furthermore, this plan will be the first of its kind in the kingdom. The Red Sea project will build along 125 miles (200 kilometers). The project personalized on the way to global luxury tourists in addition to those people who want to get wellness of traveling. A kind of tourism that is going to connect closely with particular comfort and health.

In the middle of the fascinations will sheltered coral ranges; a nature reserve colonized by exceptional wildlife similar to Arabian leopards and falcons. Furthermore, the tours to Saudi Arabia’s antique wrecks of Mada’in Saleh; categorized in place of a Unesco World Heritage site. Correspondingly, there will be available some features like parachuting, trekking and rock climbing on offer.

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