Saudi Arabia Enacts Heavy Taxes on Multiple Hajj Performing


It is declared by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony that the people who are set on to perform Hajj for the 3rd time; they will pay an additional amount of 2,000 Saudi Riyal (SR) or 56,200 PKR. The Ministry has taken the step with this intention to permit new pilgrims to do Hajj for the first time. Accordingly, the people who accomplished Hajj in 2014, 2015 or 2016 and still have a wish to do in this year or the next year. The people will be priced an additional fee. Saudi Govt Executed the Similar Rule for Umrah.

Heavy Taxes on Multiple Hajj Performing

Furthermore, the same amount of fee was also enacted by the Saudi government last year for the people who performed Umrah multiple times in as many an inordinate length of time. However, this may be true that the Saudi government has taken this decision to avoid the needless rush. In addition to letting further people experience the pilgrimage to perform Umrah. In the meantime, the policy is valid from this year.As a result, those people who have previously done Hajj in the former three years; as well intending to go Saudi Arabia to perform hajj present year will be charged the recently applicable fees.
In like manner, round about 636 Pakistani pilgrims; that are going to perform Hajj this year will be charged the additional fees. With this intention, newly applicable fees will be charged in Saudi Arabia at the time of passport collection. On the other hand, it will be paid to the Ministry here once they arrive in Pakistan in the month of October. The people who are continuing to perform Hajj; via a private tour operator will be charged the extra fees to the tour operator. Despite, it should be pointed out; that it is valid for the people who are going to perform via government schemes.

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