7 Best Ways To Take Care Of Thick Wavy Curly Hair

To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

Are you getting annoyed to take care of your thick wavy hair and don’t know what you have to do? Here are seven best ways to take care of thick curly hair. Thick curly hair has their own different philosophy, however, easy to understand if acknowledge carefully. Thick and curly hair are difficult to keep in a proper shape. Whereas, by doing some simple tasks you can keep them in good condition. First of all, you require understanding that hair has some oil into scalp which helps to keep hair soft as well as moisturized. The oil which comes from scalp also protect hair. By doing brush into your hair also contributes to spreading this oil thoroughly into hair.

Furthermore, the thick curly hair in case of scalp oil remains unfortunate to get the full benefit from it. Due to, folds, and curves into curly hair the oil doesn’t reach throughout the shaft. However, no worries now regarding your hair here are the best ways to take care of thick curly hair, and you will feel better with it.

7 Tips To Manage Thick Wavy And Curly Hair

The tips that will provide you best results if you follow them properly.

1: Conditioning to Manage Thick Curly Hair

The condition is a beneficial way to take care of thick curly hair. As we have discussed above that, it is turn out to be difficult for curly hair get the full benefit of scalp oil. Due to improper travelling of oil to shafts, it becomes dry and frizzy. The best conditioner for your curly hair will protect your hair and hydrate them as well.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

2: Fewer Shampoo To Take Care of Thick Curly Hair

In the most of the shampoo which is frequently used contains salt, as well as a detergent to cleanse the hair properly. On the other hand, these agents are so harsh for thick curly hair. Furthermore, try to use 100% sulphate free shampoo for thick curly hair.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

3: Limited Alcohol Is The Best Way To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

Alcohol! Too frequent use of alcohol will make your hair base weak and will create frizz and curls more. There are a lot of styling products which we use on a daily basis or weekly basis. Whereas, we don’t know what their actual use will do with our hair. These alcohol containing products take out every last drop of moisture from our hair. Furthermore, hair gels, mousses, over and above hair spray holds the most alcohol.

4: Blow Dry Will Be Harmful But….

Blow Dry will be harmful with a regular dryer. However, you can use a diffuser instead. The diffuser has an ability to dry curls consistently. You can use diffuser right on the head and in roots by letting your head upside down. However, you must apply some heat protecting product on your head. On the other hand, you need to left the ends of the hands.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

5: Free It!

The more time which you handle hair, it will create frizz and make them bad. Leave your hair after washing and don’t rub it with a towel or anything else. The more free time you will give your hair it will give you a good response.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

6: Throw out Brush

The best way to take care of thick curly hair is to stop using a hair brush on it. However, you can use fingers to free them from tangles. The wide toothed instrument will help you to do well with your hair.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

7: Prevent Using Heat to Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

You should avoid giving heat to your heat. The heat sucks all of the moisture from your hair. The best way is to make a limit to use heating devices like a blow dryer. You can blow dry your hair twice in a week maximum. Furthermore, the best way is to don’t use it.

 To Take Care Of Thick Curly Hair

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