Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series First Drafting Event

Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017

T20 cricket hit the cricket game genre, people used to watch T20 cricket, and they are very keen on it. Here is a new thing introducing in this game. And the shortest time taking cricket match is going to start in December. Due to lack of time most of the things we need to be shortened in our life, and with this shortest match, it is expected to be the best center of interest for all. T10 Cricket Series is going to be played according to the laws of ICC as well as Asian cricket players will take part in this series. Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and some other countries’ players will take part in it. Furthermore, the refries will be selected by ICC. And final drafting of this series will be done in Dubai on 5th of November 2017.

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T10 Cricket Series On December 2017

Nawab Shajee ul mulk express these views on the first occasion of drafting while talking to media reporters. Nawab Shajee ul Mulk further added that: T10 series is ICC certified Series as well as International Cricket Council will guard it, and all of the matches refries will be pick up from ICC. In the T10 series, South Asian countries’ players will take part, in these countries Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are included.’ He added.

While answering a question, he said,

In spite of India, all of the remaining countries have permitted their presently playing players to take part in this series. Whereas, India given the NOC to the cricketers who are not playing through BCCI, on a contract basis.

Furthermore, Nawab Shajee ul mulk speak out that

We are trying to make the most important as well as best players from the Asian Countries; for the reason that we want to provide the best cricket matches. Moreover, Sharjah Cricket ground is the most suitable cricket ground where a large number of audience will come to see the matches.’

International Players At One Place

While talking about UAE cricket players he told: A couple of players will be a part of each team and via final drafting further players’ details will be open up. During a conversation with, Salman Iqbal, CEO of Ary Network and President of T10 Cricket Series, he said, in the first section of drafting the numbering has been allotted. While keeping in view this numbering the owners of the teams will select their players. He told about T10 Cricket Series we have affirmation that this match of short overs will increase its fame. Furthermore, we have taken the format of Pakistan Super League, for the reason that all teams will free up to choose their players.

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More Fun & More Interest In Sharjah Cricket Stadium

On the answer to a question concerning future planning, Salman Iqbal stated: ‘After first season we will decide it that where we will to be held T10 series cricket matches. At this time we have full concentration on UAE cricket matches. Before this, by way of draw method the number has been given concerning drafting; with this regard, Maratha Arabian takes first place; Colombo Lion takes second place; Pakhtoon on the 3rd place; Bangla Tigers on the fourth place; Kerala King on the 5th place; and Punjab Legends on the 6th number. And all players will be selected in the final drafting.

Several important Points about T10 Cricket Series 2017

  • 6 teams are going to take part in T10 cricket series 2017
  • One match will be ended in 90 minutes
  • One inning will be completed in 10 hours
  • T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 is going to held at Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • The series will be played from 21st to 24th of December
  • International players are going to take part in this series
  • Celebrities will also present on this occasion

Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017 Hot Shot On 21st December In T10 Cricket Series Dubai 2017

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