The Only Place Syrian Refugees Can Get A Flight To Reunite With Their Families Is Wildly Overpriced

syrian refugees

Hundreds of Syrian refugees who arranged to asylum, in addition, are in the offing to bring together thru their families are being forced to pay overpriced fares for their flights, Syrian refugees. Three Syrians two men and a woman who had been living in Athens for months; and asked that they are known by their first names only. For the reason that, they worried they’d face migration challenges; were allowed below the EU reunification plan to walk to their families in Germany.

 The three of them stated they were among hundreds of refugees led by Greek asylum officials to the Athens-based company Himalaya Travel. Refugees were then told they needed to pay the company in two days concerning their tickets to Germany; at prices that were over then multiply the contemptible possible expenses online. Charities Tent toward Home plus aid Refugees both confirmed that the only travel company Greek Asylum Service officials commanded refugees to the Himalaya.

Besieged Syrians Are Consumption Trash To Survive

Syrian Refugees Only Way ‘Flight’ to Meet Their Families Overpriced

“When they told me that I have to buy my tickets I was in shock.” Maher, a 39-year-old Syrian Kurd, told. Maher has been Greece for 16 months moreover is waiting with his wife; their 11-year-old daughter, and their 4-year-old son to be reunited with their 14-year-old son in Germany whom they have not seen in two years. In the beginning this month, Maher was told that traveling with his family would cost €1,200.

syrian refugees

“I haven’t be asleep for a couple of days, understand me,” Maher said. “no one from all of us be asleep. Still, my little son here demanded me if we were going to his brother. I said him, true, God willing, we are going to him.”

Furthermore, Himalaya Travel’s manager and the owner told; that the company did sell tickets to Besieged Syrians refugees at a higher price. However, he defended overburdening the refugees because; he said: the tickets required to be exchangeable and refundable as European authorities often left it; until the very last moment in advance questioning refugees if they could fly.

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