Sumera Aurangzeb Interview by Rubab Sahar

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview by Rubab Sahar

Sumera Aurangzeb is a Dubai based makeup artist for television, modelling or any other function. She is a certified makeup artist and is famous for her unique piece of work. She believes that the overall world is a source of inspiration for one who wants to get. A few days back the Mirch Masala Tv representative Miss Rubab Sahar meet Sumera Aurangzeb to take her interview. Here are her golden words while she was giving interview to our website.


(MMT – Mirch Masala Tv representative)

(SA – Sumera Aurangzeb)

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview by Rubab Sahar

MMT: Tell us about yourself?

SA: My name is Sumera Aurangzeb, a certified makeup artist, living and working in Dubai. I am a motivated and creative person, who believes in enjoying working and seeing life from my own perspective. I keep things simple and enjoy my profession as it allows me to do the same thing differently every time I do it.

MMT: Where do you get inspiration about your profession?

SA: Actually, I am a very positive person, for me, the world around me is the inspiration in itself. In my opinion, we don’t need to dig very deep to find inspiration, like life, environment, even the challenges themselves are the inspiration. All these allow us to see things differently as there is no standard mythology in life. Life is a new life every day and even every minute, and this is what inspires me and motivate me to do look for a constant improvement in myself.

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview

MMT: How did you get your start in the industry?

SA: I have been in this field for a while, but I took it more on a serious note after my certification. As I think, unless we acquire any skill technically, we cannot do justice with it. It is similar to amateur and professional sports. I do not mean that people cannot be naturally talented, but if you want to do something professionally, you need the technical expertise before becoming a professional. So, once I made my mind to do it professionally, I completed my certification.

MMT: What do you love most about makeup?

SA: I love makeup as it is art, there are no boundaries to creativity or even experimentation. And that what I feel to be a free soul. Usually, I treat every subject as unique opportunity to discover a new individual in her through my skills. I am not shy; I love new techniques as a constant learning and new looks of my subjects. And I love to hear, “Wow, you made the difference”.

MMT: What are the biggest challenges a makeup artist have to face?

SA: The biggest challenge is to always stay in a creative mode. Real makeup art does not just keep on repeating your best, it’s always to do better and there is nothing like best. It becomes easier if you have different subjects/themes but really challenging, when you have to work on the same theme or similar subjects, but still need to maintain difference.

MMT: What is the difference between applying makeup for a tv shoot and applying makeup for a live appearance party?

SA: Both are very different mediums; even the cosmetics are very different. For example, in TV makeup you need to use HD sticks/bases usually are limited to media only for creating maximum results. However, for a live party, you usually use foundations according to the skin type. An important factor in both cases is whether it’s for indoor and outdoor. So, it all depends.

MMT: Tell us any of your favourite type of makeup?

SA: As a professional, I do whatever is the requirement and enjoy them all. I always go for experiments and playing with colors. So, it is not the makeup type that matters to me, what I enjoy most is doing it uniquely to reflect my signatures. I am really touchy about perfection, so, sometimes end up spending a lot of time to achieve self-satisfaction.

MMT: What do you love most about makeup?

SA: The freedom, it may sound strange, but surely it is. As it’s truly an art, you don’t have limits; the only limit is your imagination. And I love being creative. As, every time I take a different angle.

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview

MMT: How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

SA: I am adventurist, so, my style is experimental, modern and open viewed. So, my signature is non-monotonous, and this is what I feel is the difference between me and many others. I just don’t want to keep on repeating my best. Moreover, I would love to go for adventure and may win or lose during the course.

MMT: What else would you if you weren’t a makeup artist?

SA: I have a degree in Business Administration, but when I completed my education, I realized that it is not that type of work that I would enjoy. So, I never thought to adopt it as a profession. I just wanted to do something, which should reflect me. There are a lot of other fields, where a creative person can work. And I always say to myself and others, do what you enjoy. I am the person who goes for passion; it should not be something monotonous, so, I would just go for anything creative. I don’t want to do repetitive work. So, surely, something creative and innovative i.e. fashion, designing, painting, etc.

MMT: What fascinates you about this line of work?

SA: It’s a fantastic field, where you can reflect your true womanhood. It’s delicate, fragile, without boundaries and expressive. Makeup is not laborious, but it is like dreams you can indeed create something out of the world. A mixture of fancies and realities, it’s like painting where you can defy the laws and limitations of physics and can enjoy fantasies. And I believe God has made a woman to show the beauty and creativity to the world and makeup is just a medium to do that.

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview

MMT: Sumera Aurangzeb tell me about any stressful day at work and how you handle it?

SA: Well, yes, it’s a stressful and tiring work, especially in the case of working out the door and long hours, but you really enjoy it at the end and feel accomplished when your work makes the difference, and I always try to reach to this point. In my case, I always managed stress by adding more focus and just trying to ensure that eventually, my work should be impressive, and from that point on, stress just vanishes into thin air.

Sumera Aurangzeb Art Work

Sumera Aurangzeb Interview Sumera Aurangzeb Interview Sumera Aurangzeb Interview Sumera Aurangzeb Interview Sumera Aurangzeb Interview

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