Causalities Figures and Sufi Mausoleums Blasts in Pakistan

Sufi Mausoleums Blasts

Attacks on mausoleum become daily matter in Pakistan numberless people has killed in these type of Incidents. As On 16th of February 2017 in Sehwan Sharif (Sindh) on the tomb of La’al Shahbaz Qalandar a severe blast. Sometimes there are serious attacks and somewhere suicide bombings. With death toll growing rapidly till the filing of the following story, the most recent attack might adequately turn out to be the bloodiest attack on any Sufi shrine in Pakistan always. From last one decade, more than three dozen of Sufi Shrines has faced these severe attacks and destruction as a result of it.

Bari Imam Blast

On 27th of May 2005, an attack on the mausoleum of Bari Imam takes 28 lives away. On 5th March 2009 in Peshawar on Shrine Hazaar Khuwani. In 2010 on the mausoleum of Baba Fareed Ganj Shakkar (Rahmatullahi aliah) on 25th of October and seven people died in the attack.

Data Ganj Bakhsh Mausoleum Blast

On 1st July 2010 on the mausoleum of Data Ganj Bakhsh, two suicide attacks in Lahore and 17 people killed.
On 2nd of October 2010 on the tomb of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, there were two severe suicide blasts in which nine people died. In Dera Ghazi Khan on the shrine of Sakhi Sarwar in a suicide attack, 50 people killed on 3rd April 2011.
On 25th of February 2013, 27 people injured and four perished in a severe blast at the mausoleum of Ghulam Shah Ghazi in Shikar poor Maadi.

20th February 2013’s blast, Shafiq Shafee Shah died and eight people injured on the shrine of Syed Hussain Shah. 9th of February 2014 on the tomb of Jalali Baba, eight people killed in an attack. On the tomb of Martyr Ghazi Baba 2 people killed on 10th January 2014. In 2016 on the tomb of Shah Noorani in Khazdar 65 people killed and more than 100 people injured on 12th of November.

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