Instructions and Strategies for Ramadan Transmissions by PEMRA

Instructions and Strategies for Ramadan Transmissions by PEMRA

Ramadan is the sacred month of blessings for all Muslims and this holy month is very near to reach to us. Many things to do in this month of religious acts. A sense of holiness is also displayed on all media if TV channels or everywhere you have to look upon them. When it comes to TV channels, they design special programs for Ramadan and special transmissions aired. Everywhere you can look there is a sacred atmosphere and preaching of Islam is at the peak. In order to abridge these channels, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) announced firm rules and principles connect to Ramadan transmissions.

Instructions and Strategies for Ramadan Transmissions by PEMRA

In recent years, on the word of PEMRA, these Ramadan programs have helped to raise the ratings for the TV channels. It has similarly directed to a rise in the number of complaints sent in by audiences. They explained that in order to achieve higher ratings and views than their contestants; the channels write and design programs that go in the contradictory direction of the soul of Ramadan.

In the same way, these programs and destroying the true spirit of Ramadan. Not only religious but also disturbing the morals and ethics of the society. By the same token, they are helping to promote sectarianism. The lust of higher ratings and fame make their selves blind, and they are gone out of the line. This type of attitude spreads disharmony and chaos in the society.

PEMRA has received additional complaints that the programs in the course of the Ramadan transmission; do not have a written script for the single purpose of growing revenues. These programs are also onscreen deprived of supervision.

As stated by PEMRA, Ramadan’s true purpose is to generate an environment for individual and congregational worship along with a connection of pure thoughts and actions. People are made-up to spend as much time as possible pray to the Almighty. Their valuable time should not be wasted in watching frivolous and entertaining content.

In view of above mention complaints and difficulties noticed by PEMRA, these orders have been issued by the media overseer.

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